A Sunny Tuesday–Inspiration

I had a bad experience at Purl Soho today.  Yesterday, I purchased a pair of 6 double point needles and realized this morning that I already had a pair.  So I decided to return to the store and exchange them for a size 7, and purchase some yarn for another hat project I had on my to knit list.  The employee at the store told me that they did not except exchanges, and I told him that the needles were still in package unopened and just purchased them yesterday.  I believe that this is bad customer service and it’s one of the reason why larger companies push out smaller for this reason, but larger companies aren’t fairing well in the customer service department either as the comedian Lewis Black artfully talks about in his monologues. Needless to say, I will not be returning to Purl Soho for my knitting needs.  I will go to Lion Brand, Knit Picks, and Yarn.com for yarn as I probably find better deals.  I think Purl Soho overestimates that customers are yarn snobs, but everyone eventually looks for the best deal possible.  The store is convenient, but I am willing wait a few days for knitting needles and yarn.  I also suggested that people go to Purl Soho, but not longer, I am not recommending them anymore.  Enough of my ranting, moving on to other things.

I went an interesting textile store named Habu Textiles.  It’s in the garment district on 29th Street that sells yarn (mostly lace weight) using all kinds of fibers including yarn spun from paper.  I am nerd because I find that fascinating and wanted to ask how is paper spun into yarn, but didn’t.  What was also interesting about store is the salespeople go into back and allow you to look around the store.  I have to mention that this a Japanese company, customer service is very different and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The company sells wholesale as well.  I wanted three balls of a particular and when she brought out the balls, it didn’t have the same dye lot, so she winded the yarn onto a cone.  I stop typing for a minute because that simply made my day.  I am going to knit a scarf with cone of yarn.

Sunny Tuesday 017

I purchased the new Knitting Today Dec/Jan issue and there is a cape that caught my eye.  I do not know if am going to knit this project, but it’s a good one for someone to knit.  The photo is a little blurry.


I brought the new book “Brave New Knits” today and fell in love with these projects.  The cardigan is versatile because it can worn at the office and Sunday brunch with the girls.  I love the sweater because it is very feminine with hint of sexiness.


I just had to share this photo of a houndstooth coat done in crochet.  This coat is crochet and in the issue 10 of Inside Crochet magazine.  I do not know if I am going to stitch this, but I love it.


I picked up a copy of for “Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf”.  I have not seen the movie and think I am going to wait for it come out on DVD.  I was not old enough to see the play, but it is worth mentioning that Tyler Perry on used 16 of 20 poems and it’s a good thing to read them before seeing the movie.


This is shocker that I am writing blog entry twice in a row, but this is good because I had a chance to rant a little about the dwindling of customer service.  Ciao for now.


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