Summer Cold, Julie & Julia and other Going Ons

It has been a good while since my last blog entry.  The last time, I was on vacation with the flu and making chicken soup.  As I write this post, I am recovering from a summer cold and my third cold this year.  I do not what it is this year about I have been getting a lot of colds this year and it can be attributed to my asthma.  My eczema is returning and wonder if it is from the rice I have been eating (I am allergic to rice).  Fortunately, I have my cream to combat the eczema.

I am going through the process of moving.  Yes, I am finally moving September 4 to a new apartment.  It is a smaller space and think I can manage it because I need to live a little simplier with the idea of maintaining my hobbies such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, and cooking.

Speaking of cooking, I managed to see Julie & Julia over the weekend and thought it was a delightful movie.  I loved Meryl Streep as Julia Child and Stanley Tucci as Paul Child.  Amy Adams has a fine performance as Julie Powel, the writer who decided to cook her way through Child’s classic cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”.  I purchased the cookbook after seeing the movie along with Powell’s Book “Julie & Julia, my year of cooking dangerously”.  I always wanted to have french food and know that going to a restaurant is not an option, but I solve that problem by cooking it myself.  Child’s book does not have pretty pictures, but it is more than a recipe book insofar it gives you very good instructions on french cooking methods.  By learning those methods, you can take them cook just about anything else.  There is a part in the book where Child gives instructions on how to make canned green beans taste better, so she really makes it easier for the home cook.  However, you can find fresh green beans just about any supermarket in the country.

I have always had an interest in cooking from a child and thought I would have my chance in my 6th. grade home economics class which turned out to be a great disappointment.  The only thing we made in home ec was macaroni salad with tuna and cheddar cheese chunks, and I did not consider that cooking.  Boiling pasta (in which the teacher did and not the students) did not seem challenging enough for me.  I ended learning how to cook on my own by watching my grandmother or cooking shows where Julia Child was one. 

I am in the process of losing weight and perhaps purchasing Child’s cookbook does not seem like such a good idea considering butter is the enemy these days.  However, eating a balance meal is something we have abandon a long time ago along with not cooking our own meals.  I found that when I cook my own meals, I use less salt and butter, and watch my portion control.  I would rather eat  have a 4oz steak cooked with a little butter with sauteed spinach and baby carrots, than eat a Big Mac meal.  The former would have less calories and better tasting.  During the 40s and 50s, I noticed in many movies during that period, bowls, plates, cups and glasses were much smaller.  Everything is supersized in our culture that we are not really savoring good food.