Book Reviews and Eye Candy

I finally had a chance to look at new sewing book I brought a couple weeks ago, “Sew Serendipity” by Kay Whitt.  As I wrote in a previous post, Kay is the owner of Sew Serendipity Studio.  She designs unique appliqué, sewing, needlecraft, and punchneedle patterns and has been in business since 2001.  I like the book as it great for the beginner sewing or someone returning, somehow by writing that statement is just like all the statements every said about some knitting and sewing books.  However, it’s a true statement, Katt even drew all the illustrations in the book.  She gives great detail about how to construct the clothes in the book, and stresses that the person who owns the book can customize pieces in the book to fit their style.  I think Kay’s style is country modern chic, but she has a modern vintage feel to her designs.  I would change some of the projects like picking a lightweight wool fabric for the tunic dress, and choose different fabric print to express my personality.  I think the book is worth having as part of your sewing book collection.

Yarn and Review 003 Yarn and Review 005 Yarn and Review 008 Yarn and Review 011 Yarn and Review 006 Yarn and Review 012I went to Purl Soho today get another knitting book.  There were two books I wanted in my collection, one is “60 Quick Knits – 20 Hats 20 Scarves 20 Mittens in Cascade 220”, and the second is the Rowan Midwest Modern Knits, a pattern book of Amy Bulter’s debut handknit collection for the Belle Organic DK and Aran yarn.  I choose the “60 Quick Knits” book, but I probably will end pick up a copy of Rowan Midwest Modern Knits.  Quick Knits does have projects for the beginner to experienced knitter, and the knits are specially for the Cascade 220 yarn.  There are nice projects in the book that are quick knit, or just having something for the weekend.

My last thing is the pair of new eyeglasses that enables me to see distance and read.  The folks at Lens crafters are really pushing for me to get contact lenses which I am going to have to think about because there is a price to consider.  It costs more to get contacts because I only change my frames whenever my prescription changes, but I could get just a couple of packs for whenever I do not wear glasses, however, I am wearing frames for the moment.  I decided on this frame by DKNY because I really thought the blue on the inside of the frame really adds interests to the glasses.


It is that time when to end this post, shut down my computer, and go outside tomorrow, and allow some ideas to flow.  I am going to write a blog post about some finds both online and offline.  It’s ciao for now because I am literally falling sleep while writing.


Simpilicity (and not just the pattern)

I have been doing some thinking over the weekend in addition to doing some laundry and knitting, and the word simpilicity came to mind.  I suppose the word came to mind after the few posts I have wrote last week about repurposing and reusing clothes and leftover fabric.  While I was reading Sewing Greeen and other blogs discussing refashion, I wondered if I could refashion my life along the way.  I am in need to simplifying my life.  I thought about it for years in what ways I could make my life as simple as possible.  I read an article this morning from the April issue of Figure Magazine.  Figure Magazine is a publication that focuses on full-figured women with the slogan real women, real style.  Know back to the article, the article highlighted five women who are working in businesses that not only good for the environment, but has a simplicity that is sometimes lacking in some people’s lives (I am one of those people).  All the women had a common thread of using things are that are local and reducing waste.

Actually, these are really new ideas if you think about it.  I remember my grandmother always telling me about wasting anything such as food and cooking oil.  My grandmother would save the cooking oil that she cooked chicken to reuse to chicken at a later time.  Now I do not think saving used cooking oil is a good idea because the cooking point diminishes after the first use.  However, I do remember my grandmother using handkerchiefs.  She would carry one in her purse particularly when we attended church on Sundays.  I will let you in on a little secret, I like reusing furniture.  My mother use to buy used furniture.  She purchased a couch that probably was from the 1920s and had it reupholstered to a more contemporary fabric.    I loved that couch as it sat four people because it was about 90in long.  I would have had that couch to this day if my brother decided to toss it out for trash while I was out on vacation.  He had no appreciation for things that were old.  He was one of those people who loved new and trendy things and couldn’t see anything lasting longer than a year.  However, I have a different feeling when it comes to furniture.  If it is a piece that you like and made well, then keep it and have it reupholstered or refinished.  What can I say, my brother did a betise thing particularly when he it was not his to throwaway.

I am going to the Fat Girl Flea Market coming up April 4 in New York City to see if there are any jems.  I could find a coat and refashion it.  I want to find a black plain coat and embellish by sewing on a border and adding some embrodiary and hope to find something at a reasonable price.  I found out about the flea market while reading a blog that attached an article about a vintage shop with clothes sizes 14 and up in Brooklyn, a place that I hope to visit in the summer.  If you are interested about ReDress, you can follow them on Twitter  I intend to find more thrift shops to visit to look for quality clothese to refashion and reuse.  There are probably some leather pants and skirts from the 80s out there that could be refashioned into a bag.  I now can say that I am recessionista because it is about saving money, creating, sewing, and looking great at the same time.

I also enjoy shopping at the farmer’s market because the food is grown locally, and it’s important to support local farmers along.  I love getting fresh herbs, honey, cheese, and even meat.  New York City has a great farmers market located at Union Square and I have even brought a couple of fresh turkeys.  Did it cost more to purchase?  Yes it did, but it was good to know that they were free range turkeys and shot up with hormones.  It also tasted better.

Well, I think I have come to the point where it is time end this blog post.  Enjoy your day.