Dressing Outside of the Box


I have a confession to make.  I really have not been a floral print kind of person and quite frankly most of the colors in the wardrobe consist of black, brown, gray, and beige.  Ironically, I do not have blue in my closet and it’s my favorite color.  I decided to incorporate my color into my wardrobe including some prints.  However, First Lady Michelle Obama, has been an inspiration to other women not to be afraid to wear color.  Her confidence shows through making her clothes secondary, and it’s true that the person makes the clothes and not the clothes who makes the person (it’s man, but I updated the adage). 

Clothes are reflection of who are we are as individuals.  I had a conversation with a friend of mine today who is not impressed with the First Lady’s wardrobe.  She believes she does not dress appropriate for the position of First Lady and that her clothes are chintzy.  First of all, I think Michelle Obama dresses appropriately and her clothes are not gaudy or trashy.  However, my friend believes that Michelle Obama should not dress like everyone else which translate into that my friend does not shop at J. Crew.  I think Michelle Obama is showing a great example in that you do not have spend all of your money to look fashionably great, and it would send not a great symbolic message if she decided to wear Dolce and Gabana in the middle of a recession.  Besides, Michelle learns to mix her more expensive pieces with the less expensive.  Now I have to make a disclosure statement, my friend dresses more conservatively because of her age.  I think her opinion is base more in a generational sense than a fashion one.  She told me that she could dress better than me any day for any occasion which gives that stereotype of women dress for other women more credence.  I was not aware there was a contest of dresses better than who and we sometimes paid too much attention to the best dress and worst dress lists.  My friend goes on about how she knows fashion, but what does that fashion reflect her personality or is she just wearing clothes because they are fashionable.  There is something about dressing appropriately while have your personality reflect in your personal style.  Whenever I see the First Lady, vibrant immediately comes to mind.  I also see her confidence reflected into her style and knowing that she is also a mother.  I do not always do what is trendy and my grandmother use to tell me just because they make something in your size does not mean that you are suppose to where it.  We should wear looks good for our body type and reflect our personality and that is a learn that the First Lady has taught us.



Can One Have too Much Enough Denim

Yesterday on my way home from work, I decided to make a stop at Paron Fabric on 40th Street in New York City to purchase the March issue of Burda but the store has received it yet.  However, I will call the store before making the trip (it really was not that far out of my way).  Of course, I had to check out the fabric because who walks into a store and does not check out the merchandise.  I immediately went the 50% off section (a girl has to watch her dollars it is a recession after all), and found some nice buys.  I was looking for some cotton fabric, but the print did not excite me.  What I did find is bemberg fabric for $3.00 a yard, and medium/heavyweight denim or $4.00 a yard, and so I purchased three yards and four yards respectively.  I do have some more denim fabric stashed away to make a pair of trousers once I stop procrastinating and just sew them.  However, I have this line of thinking that it’s a good thing to have a nice stash of denim to make trousers, jackets, dresses, and skirts, after all denim a mainstay in our wardrobe.



yy163_116x116_thumb1  rr866_250x250_thumb  xx722_116x116_thumb  ww009_116x116_thumb

I am still waiting for my pattern from Simplicity to arrive.  It’s Simplicity 2703 and posted the Butterick pattern because I am not able to save the simplicity as a picture to post.  You get the idea from Dress C, the Michelle Obama dress that she wore on the View.  I found these fabric samples from www.fashionfabricsclub.com.  The dress does not have necessarily have to be the black and white print, and I do like the blue and white print (although the may print may be a little large).  Besides blue is my favorite color.  I also plan to make a solid dress and use contrasting color ribbon.  I like making different versions of the same dress pattern, and think the purpose of the pattern is for you to use as a guide to create anything you imagine.  I am going to need sew a dress to wear to my niece’s graduation, so it is my hope to move into my new apartment and finally get situated to do this sewing.

Everyone Needs a Little Glamour


I was reading blog entry from Knitters Delight (http://knitters-delight.blogspot.com) the other day and noticed that she uploaded a sweater from Stephanie Japel’s book Glam Knits.  Now I am either getting older or just have too many things on mind, but I purchased the book back in December and neglected to do a review of the book.  Well I suppose it’s better late than never to write a mini-review about the book.

The photography is wonderful and really captures of the essence of glam with each design.  I like that most of the patterns can be knitted with woman who has a D cup and not so thin gal in mind.  The book just reminds of use that knitting can be glamourous as well.  One of my favorite knits is the cover of the dress/tunic.  I am thinking great it would look with a pair of wide-leg trousers (perhaps winter white).  There is also a pattern of jacket that screams femme fatale and would be good to have for the fall.  I like the patterns and think they would be fun projects to knit.

I received an email asking about the fabric I posted on my blog entry from Friday, and thought it would be a good idea to post the web addresses in case you may be interested in purchasing the fabrics for yourself.  Adrienne, if you are reading this entry I forgot one address, but posting it here now.  Here are the addresses:







Decisions, Decisions

After my blog about finding simplicity in patterns to create a piece that is unique and your own, I purchased a few of those patterns like this one.  I wanted to do the long version of the summer dress and found some possible fabrics to make it.  I have decided which fabric to use and order on-line.  I can be a little indecisive and nix the fabric and journey over to the fabric district in New York City found something even more inspiration.  Actually like the short version dress as well, but haven’t envision I would like it yet.  This is one of the reasons why people sew, create pieces that other people are not wearing.


  bat2396                         cha561 

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I like all of these fabrics, but probably will have a hard time in choosing which one to do the long version.  However, it may pick two as I do want to do the dress in the short version.  I just think long version is a good weekend summer dress to go parties, dinner and movies.  Sometimes you want to wear just more than jeans to the movies, but still be comfortable and stylish.

Now if I am going to make a dress, I should think about knitting a cardigan for the summer just in case of some cool nights.  Who I am kidding, I just want to knit a cardigan for the summer because I love wearing them and cardigans should not be restricted to fall and winter.  I received my Interweave Knits Spring issue a week ago, and fall in love with this cardigan on the cover of the magazine, and one of the favorite parts about this cardigan is the top down construction.  It’s not that I have a problem with sewing seams, but if I do not have and it gives me a great little piece then why not.  I am going find a substitute yarn and thinking about using Lion brand’s new LB collection.  The other cardigan is a wrap around and it has an interesting pattern of bubbles on the sleeves and at the bottom.

diminishing-rib-cardigan-2   diminishing-rib-cardigan-3  diminishing-rib-cardigan-4


I know get quite a few hits on my blogs, but was wondering if I could get a second opinion about fabric for my dresses.  Which fabric inspires you the most and why?  I like hearing other views because it’s interesting to do so, and one can learn from listening or reading from others.

A Case for Keeping it Simple

I read Elaray’s (anothercreation.blogspot.com) blog the other day with the new Burda patterns from its March 2009 issue.  Although, these patterns are for evening wear, I love the simplicity of the pieces.  Simplicity gives you a blank canvas to create anything you want.  The patterns can be for evening wear, formal daywear, or an opportunity to create something very unique.  You can find textured fabric, or just find plain fabric and some beading to create a border at the bottom of the dress.  You can make the dress a little shorter or make it gown length.  If you are a knitter, then you can knit a cardigan sweater to wear with the dress.  There is so much you can do to make these pieces your own.  I thinking about making an obi belt for the dress to add interest if I am going to use a solid color fabric.  Purple is coming to mind.



I found more patterns that are simple, but can open one’s imagination to create something and unique to add to your wardrobe.   Simplicity has a new pattern under it’s Threads Collection, but I am unable to copy or save as a picture to post it.  The pattern number is Simplicity 2703 in case anyone is interested in looking at on their website. 

b5311b5307 b53101b5306b53351

I like these patterns because you can create a great looking wardrobe and not break yourself financially doing it.  I am thinking about having a pair of denim trousers and some dresses for spring and summer.  I purchased blue cotton fabric for the S2703 pattern the other day to make a dress like the one Michelle Obama wore on the View last summer.  I did not find any black and white fabric that I liked and decided that a solid color dress will work with contrast ribbon.  I like having a long summer dress like the Butterick B5307 pattern, and would like to have an opporunity to work with fabric paint to create my own print.  What ideas do you come up with when sewing clothes?

Turtleneck Poncho: Who Knew?

I noticed from the stats that a lot of people read my two posts on the turtleneck poncho a knitted over 18 months ago.  Who knew that it would be so popular.  I did not mentioned where I got the pattern to knit the project, and do not know why because it is something I usually do.  There is a pattern for the poncho on Moda Dea’s website: www.modadea.com/pdf_files/LM0127.pdf, and it will give the recommended yarn to knit it.  However, I used a different yarn for the project because it was what I had on hand at the time, and Moda discontinued the yarn yet still has it as the recommended yarn, go figure.  You probably could use Lion Brand’s new LB organic yarn or any yarn that will give that gauge you need to knit.  I want to thank everyone who were so interested in this project, and hope you have an opportunity to knit it.  It is my hope to post more of my finished projects onto my blog as I do have perhaps three knitting projects to complete, and some sewing projects to start.  I should do a post on procrastination, but maybe at another time, lol.

Fabric Store and Other Things

 A couple of weeks ago, I arrived home from look and found the Spring/Summer issue of Burda Plus in my mailbox.  There are a few things I would like to make from the issue.  Yesterday, I went to Paron Fabrics in New York City and purchased some lightweight beige demin which I think will be nice for this skirt. 


I brought a lightweight wool fabric to make these wide-leg pants to wear in at least two seasons.  I like have some pieces of wardrobe that you can wear all season.  I probably will purchase twill fabric to make another pair, but have decided on a color.  These pants would like great in a nice dark denim.  There are quite a few possibilities for this pattern.


Yesterday, I made another trip to a fabric store which is a five minute walk from my job and purchased fabric to make the asymmetrical fold skirt from Interweave Stitch Magazine.  I decided to use one of Amy Bulter’s print for the contrasting fabric, and a moss green for the main color.  I also purchased more fabric to make another skirt in a lighter green, one could enough asymmetrical skirts and for under $25.00 each.


I’ve been debating on making these pants from Burda Plus Spring/Summer 09 issue.  They look comfortable and fairly easy to make, but wondering  if I should go with a smaller print.  Perhaps a black and white print  like in the Michelle Obama dress she wore on the view with a solid black strip at the bottom of the pants, and there is also the dress which Simplicity 2703 which for some reason I am unable to copy the photo.  I do want to make a print dress, but thought about doing a solid color with a contrasting ribbon.  I like the moss green fabric so much that I was thinking about making the Simplicity dress with perhaps orange ribbon which my cousin posted a comment on facebook to say yuck (she wore a green suit to an interview to symbolize success), or robin egg blue ribbon.  I am still mulling over that one in my mind. 


On another note, my niece has been accepted to Seton Hall University a couple of weeks ago.  The school is located in New Jersey, where we live, but she will stay on campus.  She wanted to attend Spelman College, but her parents did not want her to go so far.  She has chosen to major in biology and wants to become a pediatrician.  She is looking at going to John Hopkins for medical school after college, she has goals, and I am proud of her.