Did You Vote?

With anticipating a long at the voting polls this morning, I took a vacation day and got early this morning.  The polls in my state opened at 6 am., and wonderfully surprised to see a line.  There is never a line at my polling place no matter what time I go to the polls.  My brother flew from North Carolina to New Jersey to vote because he did not want to cast his vote by absentee ballot.

There was a bit of a problem this morning when I arrived, the machine was not working properly and there is only one at the scene.  My polling always had one machine because there was never a line, but my county should have anticipated the probability of long lines with more than 5.4 million people throughout my state New Jersey expected to cast their votes today.

If you haven’t voted today, please do so because you do not want to miss an opportunity to be a part of history and participate one of the most exciting elections in our lifetime.


One More Day

There are to two more days left until Election Day.  This has been the most exciting election I’ve seen and observed in my lifetime.  I have been profoundly touch by seeing people finally engaging in the political process and hope that this not an anomaly.  It is my hope that people continue to be engage whatever the outcome may be on November 4th.  I think am going to miss this election as we are going to need to find something else to talk about when it’s over.  

I’m making appeal in this post for everyone who has not vote to vote, and you do not have to wait on Election Day to do so if you are living in a state that allows early voting.  If possible, make phone calls or knock on doors to encourage people out to vote.  Of course, I am not going to tell you who the vote for, but it is important whatever your political affiliation may be to vote.  You have the right to exercise your power by voting.  That’s my little soapbox.  Happy Voting!