First DIY Project of 2011

It has been a long time since writing a new blog post, and this is the first entry of the year.  I’ve been a little busy, but have been itching to make something.  I’m still working on my cowl sweater and been doing some reading with an on-line book club that I have to finish reading for the first meeting in a couple of days.  I’ve been also getting into Martha Stewart as of late and got some great ideas to make.  I subscribe to Martha Stewart Living, Everyday Food, and Whole Living.  Actually, I’ve been a subscriber to Whole Living for years when it the magazine was originally named Body and Soul.  Each month the magazine has a DIY body care item to make, and I became interested in making lip balm.  So I went online to Whole Living and found a recipe for a lip balm that I liked, brought the ingredients at Bramble Berry, and this morning I made lip balm.  It took very little time to do, less than 15 minutes, and took about an hour to cool before placing the caps.  You can use the small lid containers or chap stick tubes.  I have tubes as well, but need a holder to pour the lip balm mixture without making a complete mesh.  You need beeswax, shea butter, and sweet almond oil to melt in a double boiler.  I also added vitamin E to the melting mixture.  Once everything melted, I let it cool for a minute or two and added the essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus.  I must say, it turned out pretty well, I just poured too mixture into the containers.  You could cool them in the refrigerator for a half-hour or a cool place in your home.

I am going to make more lip balm and thinking about making a peppermint cream and cream for my hair now that I realize that it is cheaper to make these products than purchasing them ready made.  Some of these products can cost over $10 each, and this girl needs to save some money for other things I want to do.

On another note, I had the opportunity to be in the audience at the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Monday.  I did have fun, but had to stand outside for over three hours and taping didn’t start until after 6 pm.  I missed the Martha Stewart show in January because a freezing rain storm that caused the public transportation in my area to stop running disabling me from getting into the city aghhhhhh.  Well at least I had the day off because I wouldn’t be able to make to the work in the first place.  This has been my year thus far. Ciao for now.

DIY Lip Balm 010