About Me

I suppose it would be polite to write a little bit about me. I am single woman living in New Jersey who works in New York City for a public radio station. I accomplished one of my goals of receiving a Bachelor’s degree. I don’t have any children and never been married, but I have a nephew and two nieces that are like mines (except they finally go home).

I acquired a few interests over the years such as crocheting and knitting, and my recent interest of sewing. I learned how to cook around 11 years of age and loved it ever since. I also enjoy photography and traveling (imagine being in Paris on a shopping spree), but for for now I can only read about other places for the time being until the fortunate of being a wealthy person should come to fruition. Eventually, I will post a photography of myself, but for now writing posts on my blog will have to do for the moment. Everyone is welcome to come to my blog and write down your thoughts, advice, or suggestions. Thanks.