Happy Birthday to Me!

As the season change into autumn, my birthday also comes in as well.  Tomorrow is my birthday and it has been an interesting year.  There has been up and downs, and an opportunity to see and participate in this year’s election.  As does the season changes, so does everything else in life.


One Down, Another to Go

Well I finally figured out the made and manage to knit first mitt.  I had a rocky start and have to admit that I have not problem with unraveling until it’s right.  I do not know if that is being patient or being a control freak.  At least, I get to the other part which is knitting the second mitt and founding some buttons.  I haven’t decided what color buttons other than white, but would still pop.  That means a trip to the garment district, and there isn’t anything wrong having an opportunity to shop in the garment district.

New Crochet Patterns

There are times when I go between knitting and crocheting.  I may knit a project and turn around a crochet a hat.  I am reader of not only Interweave Knit Magazine, but Interweave Crochet Magazine as well.  I think the magazine has great crochet patterns and may do a couple of the projects in the new fall issue.

I think some of these projects are great, and probably will do a couple of them like the muffler and hat.  I haven’t tried felting for knitting yet, but the crochet scarf would make a great felting project.  I will eventualy get to felting somehing, lol. 

I was having a slight problem with my knitting mitts projects, and realize today that I missed reading one word.  Skipping a word can get you into trouble as it will change the meaning, but finally figured out without visiting the yarn shop.  Well I am going to visit the shop again because the project leaves with one extra skein, so I might as well purchase another skein and knit another pair for a Christmas gift.  Nothing goes to waste when it comes to crafting.

In Every Direction

I was working on my mits this weekend, and ran into a problem.  I thought I was following the directions, but confused about the thumb gusset which means a visit to the yarn store and ask for some help.  Which means stop working on that project for the time being, and practice on some new stitches.

In the new Debbie Bliss Magazine, there is a patter for a lace scarf.  I have not done a lace pattern yet, and that project is a good introduction to knit lace.  However, I did have to get use to the English version vs. the American version of the knit glossary.  It did throw me off a bit, but managed to figure it out.

There are times when I suffer from ADD of knitting or any other project where I run into a snag, but it’s better for me to do something easier and go back to my more challenging work.  I started the process of compling a list of things to knit or crochet:

There are few projects other than the scarf from Debbie Bliss I want to knit.  I want to knit the knitting bag and knitting needle holder.  This might sound a little silly, but I would like knit a tea cozy.  I saw a couple of cute cozy from Knit Simple and Debbie Bliss.  I am not the kind of person who wanted to knit anything like a tea cozy or mug covers.

I mentioned the new Rowan Cocoon yarn, but here is a photograph of the sweater knitted exclusively for the NY Point Cafe.  The person at thet store told me that you do not need cable needles to create the pattern, but I think it’s a beautiful sweater and it goes on my what to knit list.  You can make a sleeveless version of the sweater as well.  Unfortunately, the yarn shop does not have online shopping, but as I said before for those who live in the NYC area could stop by and see if this something you would like to knit.

sept yom

Michaelmas Mitts and Others


After completing my first sweater, I am now entrenched in knitting.  I typically work on a knitting project and probably will not knit anything else for a few months.  However, I gotten into the pattern knitting almost on a daily basis.  Of course, I do not everyday because my fingers may fall off, but my knitting is on a regular basis.


I finished my cable scarf and probably will post the photos soon, and now here are Michaelmas Mitts from the fall issue of Knit Scene.  It’s my first time knitting any project from a magazine although I 50 magazines about knitting and crocheting.  I purchased the yarn yesterday.  The store did not carry Blue Sky Alpaca Suri Merino, but Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash wool prove to be a great substitute.  It’s soft with a nice sheen, and picked the color pistacio.  It think it’s nice color and the photo probably will not do it any justice.

I also picked up the new Debbie Bliss magazine yesterday, and love it. There are some projects like the knitting bag and a reversible baby blanket that looks great.  Of course, they are sweaters, but also enjoy the tea cozy project as well.  I think working within proximity of two yarn shops probably attributed to my recent knitting frequency.  Upon my visit to the yarn shop yesterday, I noticed a particularly yarn is featuring for the month, Rowan Cocoon.  It’s a blend of 80% merino wool and 20% mohair, and you could make a sweater with 8 balls on 9 needles.  The yarn is soft and the yarn has an exclusive cable eyelet-rib pullover sweater pattern as a promotion in the month of September.  Unfortunately, The Point Cafe does not have the ability to shop online, but people who live in the New York City area can visit the shop.


I think it’s all for tonight.  While it nice to blog again, it’s being a long four days at work and I should get ready to watch Real Time with Bill Maher.  I need to a good laugh before bed time.  Ta Ta!








Next Project: Cabling Along

After completing my first sweater, I had a couple of skeins of yarn left and was thinking about what to do with the remaining.  I thought about a hat, but changed my mind and decided to find a project that I could learn cabling.  If I could knit a sweater, then knitting cables shouldn’t be that hard.  So, I searched on Lion Brand and found a scarf pattern to pave me down the road of learning a new knitting technique.

I started the project last night and half way completed my scarf.  Cabling is easier than I thought and would certainly knit another project in the future.  Hopefully, I will finish by the weekend as to give my hands a rest.

Project Completed, and More Progress

I did slack off a bit before finishing my first sweater.  I watched the Democratic Convention, so I did not finish it until yesterday.  I have to say that it’s bad for my first sweater.  I will be wearing this sweater in the office and at home.  It’s actually a nice heavy sweater and will come in handle on those cold fall days.  I am not unable to wear it under a coat because of the bulkiness.  


I have a couple of skeins left of my Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn, and thought it would nice to knit a hat and use the buttons I have left as decoration for the hat and wear with my sweater.  Much to my surprise, Lion Brand created a new sweater that’s the same as the one I just finished knitting that is a longer version much to my chagrin.  Why couldn’t have posted the new pattern soon?  However, it’s find because I will knit the longer version.


Image of Waterford Cardigan

I finally started my tote bag project despite not having found handles, but should be able to find handles later this week.  However, the fusing and lining are done and thinking about not adding a zipper, but it depends on my mood.

Hopefully, I will finish with my tote bag, figure what you do with my remaining yarn, and purchase yarn for my crochet sweater project.  Perhaps, I will get some sewing done other than my bag, lol.  Happy Labor Day!