Holiday Weekend in Charlotte

I spent my Thanksgiving holiday at my brother’s house in Charlotte.  I should have known better when he told me that I needed to do was bring myself and don’t worry about cooking.  When I arrived Wednesday afternoon, I discovered that he hadn’t cooked anything.  So I got to work with cleaning and cooking collard greens, making cornbread for the dressing, cranberry sauce, giblet gravy and dinner rolls.  He did manage to make macroni and cheese and sweet potato pies which he claims it taste better than mine but it really taste the same as he used the same recipe as I use.

It has been a nice holiday here in Charlotte, I managed to see the movie Precious on Friday.  The multi-plex is at the mall, so we had to deal with shoppers on Black Friday, and it was crowded.  I do not fathom the concept of standing outside of any retail store or mall the night before to get on an early deal on a product when there are only five in stock.  Perhaps I am not a shopper and may never understand the need to participate in shopping as a sport, but to each it’s own.

I managed to get some knitting while in Charlotte, but have some newfound interest in sewing.  Ever since the move to the new apartment, I have not got into sewing and I need some new clothes to wear as I do not like shopping to get them.  I also purchased some new Vogue patterns online as they have a $4.25 per pattern ($3.82 if you are a member).  I generally get very easy patterns because I am beginner and it just suits my lifestyle.  I also purchased the book “Making Trousers for Men and Women” at Overstock dot com.  Fabric dot com and Fabric Mart dot com has some fabric I like to purchase, and probably will make a trip to M & Trim in the garment district in NYC for buttons and other accessories for the knitted and crochet hats.

Well I have to return my packing and getting my newphew to complete his homework before the trip back to New Jersey.


Thanksgiving and Knitting Projects





I have been living in my new apartment for a couple of months, and still in the process of settling. Believe or not I started a couple of new knitting projects, a scarf and a pair of socks. The pair of socks is a new skill for me. I wanted to learn how to knit to make socks for myself and five years later I found yarn that inspired me to knit socks.

It has been taking me a while with my projects as that thing call life sometimes get in the way. There times when I come from work and a wave of lethargy just overwhelms me. There some nights when I managed to get some knitting and crocheting done, and are nights when a nice warm bath does it for me. Although, today while at the yarn store, one of salespeople said she had about 20 projects in the works. But when I went to see Lily Chin at the Lion Brand studio for her book signing for her new kniiting and crochet technique and she wore a crocheted Land’s End inspired dress, she mentioned it took her three days to crochet it using the LB merino yarn. After hearing that, I really feel like a slacker, but realized that this is her full time job.

I am not cooking for Thanksgiving this year because my brother invited me to his house in Charlotte. The downside is that I have to the bus from New Jersey to North Carolina which is 16 hour ride because my cousin who is 70 is now afraid to travel by plane and I am bringing my nephew down with me as well. At least I can get some knitting and reading done on the ride down. I purchased some Spud and Chloe superwash merino wool/silk blend yarn to make the next pair of socks.

It has been a long day and time to call it night.