Trying to Beat a Recession

I purchased the fall issue of Knit Scene magazine yesterday and saw a sweater that pique my interest to knit.  I looked at the yarn and did a search to find the pricing.  I had some sticker shock when it saw the yarn priced at $15.00 a skein.  The cheapest price is $13.50 a skein.  That means I would pay anyway between $135.00 to $150.00.  I am not a cheap person, but it’s a lot of money to spend during an economic downtown which is another term for recession.  However, while looking on Knitter Review forum, someone suggested using Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky at $7.00 a skein which is a mohair/wool just like the Fiesta Kokopelli yarn suggested in Knit Scene.  That is more affordable, and Brown Sheep is good brand of yarn that I have use before to knit a hit for my nephew.

Crocheting and knitting can be expensive hobbies, but thank goodness for the Internet where I can find some resources to be as frugal as possible.  One of my favorite sites is KnitPicks ( where you can purchase natural yarn fibers starting at $1.99 a skein.  Another site I like to purchase yarn is WEBS (, they have some good deals on yarn.  Elann (  is another good site for discounted yarn, but you may that some limited color choices.  I also purchase Lion Brand and Paton yarn, they are priced reasonably and Lion Brand has many free patterns on its website costing under a $100.00. There is a great cardigan sweater pattern that would be a nice addition to anyone’s wardrobe for the fall. We can still create great garments without breaking the bank.  Unfortunately, I cannot say that about gas and food.


Image of Extra Easy, Extra Fabulous Sweater 


What a Hot Day

It has been brutally hot for the past several days.  Today is the mildest of them all, and it was a good thing because I needed to walk to Lens Crafters to replace the pair of glasses that were mangled by the Path train a couple of weeks ago.  The realization of making that yearly visit to the eye doctor is that he or she reminds you that you are getting older.  Yes the doctor mentioned that I am probably going to need reading glasses in addition to my distant pair.  Then there is the dangerous UV rays that can damage your eyes as well, so purchasing a hat and a pair of prescription sunglasses, but the sunglasses will have to wait a while. Fortunately, Lens Crafters had a sale on free or discounted lenses purchasing frames for $169.95 or higher and decided to two pair of glasses, distance and reading.  I do not if anyone can understand how expensive buying glasses can be, but it does not help when the frames are more than $350.00 which I refuse to pay as I do not need Dolce and Gabbana frames, and the lenses can run more than $350.00 depending on the prescription.

I picked the new fall issue of Knit Simple with some very nice projects.  There are a couple of tea cozy patterns that would make nice gifts.  There are also some nice sweater patterns for women at any size. There is scarf pattern that is quick and easy to make, it’s very stylish with three buttons to fit around your neck on those chilly fall days.  Another project are a few knitted bags to knit with purse handles.  I did a search and came across a website called that carry a variety of products from fabric, mixed media, purse handles and other things.  It’s ironic with the hot weather that I am thinking about fall and making things to stay warm.  However, I think I am getting back into the groove of creating and making things.

Book Cover and other happenings

It has been a little while since I wrote a post for my blog.  I finally went on vacation and had a chance to catch on a few things and read some blogs, but I have not commented.  However, I am still reading Adrienne’s, Erica’s, Trini,’s and at least another 50 between knitting, sewing, and politics.  The radio station finally moved everyone into the new location, we are now a part of Soho neighborhood in New York City.  I have to say that the neighborhood is a little pricey to say the least.  I walked into a shoe store that was having a buy one pair get another pair free sale, and the pair of shoes I picked up were priced at $585.00 (ouch).  Well, one could look at from this perspective of getting two pairs of shoes for that price, but I couldn’t justify it unless I did not pay rent and that is not happening.

There are couple of knitting shops in the new neighborhood called Purl Soho and Point Knitting Cafe.  Purl Soho has a fabric store a few buildings up from the knitting store.  I purchased some fabrics after deciding to make a book cover and a knitting needles holder (my needles are all over the place).  I brought less than a  yard of three different fabrics.  A couple of weeks prior to that, I purchase a skein of yarn Misti Chunky Baby Alpaca to make a scarf.  It turned a very nice and the instructions are posted on the website if want to make a scarf in a few hours and only want to use one skein of yarn.

I managed to do the book cover project and complete my scarf during my week off from work.  I had not use my sewing machine in a while, it was a little dusty.  My book cover came out nicely and I am satisfied with the results.  The bow on the front was an accident.  I originally cut the ribbon out for a bookmark, but cut too short and turned into a bow to pin in the front.  However, it was good to get a couple of projects completed, and I just need to pick up some fusible fleece to do my knitting needles holder along with buying some ribbon.  I also want to make a knitting bag and probably will return to Purl Soho for some more fabric.  I am seeing another project from the leftover fabric such as an eyeglass case for around the house.  

My sister-in-law wants to me to teach her how to knit because she is a bored as she is in the hospital for blood clots and will need to come home to recoup, so she is going to need something to do.  I will teach on my next vacation in a few weeks.  It’s has been quite a week starting with my glasses falling off my face and the wind carrying them onto the subway train track with the train rolling over them.  Well, I was over due for a visit the eye doctor anyway.  I have second a pair of glasses and continue reading the book in which I made the cover.  It’s a biography about Ida B. Wells-Barnett, the anti-lynching crusader.  I have not finished reading yet as it is about 800 pages, but it’s a great read for the summer during my commute and learn about a historical figure to boot.

I have been interested in crafting and sewing some tote bags and pondering the project from the spring issue of Craft Stylish, the vinyl bag, and a new project from Clover “Trace n Create Bag Templates” with Nancy Zieman.  Two templates that creates 12 different types of bags.  I am going to get the city bag template and sew a bag from that.  I want to make bags that are easy and stylish at the same time, and for $20.00 you have the option of making six different bags. 

Well that’s all I have for know, and if you are interested in the products and shops I mentioned here are the websites: (Unfortunately, it does not sale yarns online but they have a blog)

Have a good one!