How I Hate My Oven

My weekend has not been a very successful on the cooking and health front.  Co-workers continue to come into the office with colds and flu thereby making others to suffer by passing on it on to others.  I am a victim of a cold.  I have not had a cold since August, which by the way is the longest time for me.  I spent a three-day off weekend with a cold downing NyQuil, and spending a good portion of time in bed.

Now getting to the rant about my oven, it came with the apartment I moved into five months ago.  The problem is that oven needs to be calibrated as everything browns in ten minutes, and the inside reminds uncooked.  Yesterday, I was baking a buttermilk vanilla pound cake from a Cooking Light recipe.  The recipe is enough for five 5 1/2 by 6 1/2-loaf pans, but I managed to make two bread loaf pans.  I put the oven at 350 degree and came back to check on it in 15 minutes with the outside completely burnt and inside uncooked.  I did not even preheat the oven.  I am angry because never burn a cake in my life and consider myself a very baker as a good cook.  I am especially angry at the fact that the most expensive ingredient that is the butter went to waste.  I was planning to bake bread, but am woeful that the oven will burn that as well, I am going to purchase a digital temperature to gauge the true over temperature and will have to calibrate hoping that it is capable.

I suppose all was not lost, having managed to catch up with my blog and book reading.  I need to finish reading a book before returning it to the library on Thursday.  I tried to extend the borrowing date, but it is on hold for another person who wants to borrow it.  Apparently, “The Evolution of God” by Robert Wright is a popular book to borrow and with good reason it is a fascinating read about how religion has evolved throughout human history.

I also had an idea in my head about skirt that is shaped like a tulip at the bottom.  The idea came from reading the Crafty Chica blog, she found an article “Plus-sized Clothing Myths debunked”.  I am trying to imagine how would balance with someone such as myself who is bottom heavy.  I suppose it could the tulip shape is not too wide and has inverted triangle.  Well it will be something to sketch out this afternoon.  Ciao for now.



Sketching on the Weekend

It has been a cold weekend, and that meant staying inside as it is not fun being out in 18-degree weather. I did some sketching yesterday while watching the news. I am not a good sketcher, but could not allow my ideas to disappear from my mind forever. I got an idea for a knit felting project while reading Inside Crochet called the snowflake tote. I liked the tote bag, but had another vision for the bag. Almost a week and half ago, I was walking to work in the rain and noticed a broken branch on the ground. I thought broken branch on wet concrete and it would make a nice painting, but the tote bag can make a great canvas for the broken branch on wet concrete.   I have to warn you that my sketches are not the best in the world, but it was fun and satisfying to do them.  Now I have another skills to learn embellishing my knitting and crocheting work.  Hand embroidery and felting (I do not own a machine, so hand felting it is).  This is the process of allowing creativity to flow on a cold day in January.  Ciao for now!

Sketches 005Sketches 003 Sketches 001