Spring Time and Things Change

Today, it really felt like spring.  I went outside during lunch time and did not want to return to work. Things at work are really getting chaotic with some of the departments moving, and me being the move coordinator needs to make sure that everyone is organized and ready to move by Friday.  I on the other hand, will remain at the current office until June 20th. as I work closely with production to ensure we have a log for the station to air.  

I also finally took the plunge and started a weigh loss program today.  I am determined to eat healthy and lose some weigh in the process.  Stress is my enemy and a contributing factor to my weigh gain.  I did some research and decided to choose Alli, keep a food journal, and exercise.  The exercise will help me to reduce my stress, just need to remember not to workout in the evenings because I will not be able to fall asleep at night.  I don’t understand how some people want to workout 8 at night because it’s hard to get to sleep after being stimulated, but each their own.  With the food price soaring, it is a great opportunity to brown bag it at work and that means using the number of cookbooks to find recipes.

I think the good thing about losing weight is taking the opportunity to become a better sewer as I will need to learn how to alter my clothes, and sew a lot of knits until I get to my goal.  However, the most important thing is my asthma and sleep apnea will be more in control, or better yet gone completely after losing weight.  Breathing easier is a good thing.  Another goal, I should set for myself is getting 7 hours sleep at night.  I only get 5 to 6 hours worth of sleep, and getting more rest would help reduce my stress as well. That means DVR will have to work overtime because it is getting a little harder for me to stay up nights, but I force myself to stay up to watch.  At this moment, I getting sleepy as I write this blog entry which means, it is time for me to say good night.


It’s Been Too Long

It’s have been over a month or perhaps two since I writing my last blog entry.  Some of you are probably wondering whether or not I fell off the face of the earth.  I haven’t checked my blog in a while and realized that there are some improvements to WordPress.  I have been very busy at work with one of my co-workers going on maternity leave (she had a little boy April 2).  Now I am the temporary copywriter until she returns in July.  In addition, I am the move coordinator for my department as the radio station is in the process of moving to a new space in a couple of weeks.  I have to remain at the old space until the all radio programming moves in early June, and to top it off, the station is launching a new morning talk show the last week of April.  I am tired just thinking about it.

It has been jammed-pack 2008 thus far with the presidential election season, things happening at work, and all too dreaded allergy season.  My nose is a little runny and here comes the itchy eyes which means I will be seeing allergist in the next couple of weeks.  I haven’t done any sewing with the exception of testing out my new machine I purchased in February, and still have some knitting projects to start (like that first sweater and skirt).  I also decided to subscribe to Burda for six months and see what the appeal as I read other blogs of people who made something with a Burda pattern. 

I was thinking with the break in the weather would be a good time to join a Stitch & Bitch group as a way to improve my knitting skills and new people in the process, and not a bad idea to take a sewing class. During the winter months and busy season at work, it’s little difficult to take crafting classes.  However, it’s spring and time to enjoy and learn new things.  Hopefully, I will not be too tired to enjoy it.