Chicken Soup and Vacation

It has been a couple of weeks since I have written a post to my blog.  I intended to write during my time on vacation, but as the saying goes you plan and God smiles.  There is always something.  The Friday before I was to leave for my stayaction, I had the sense that I had a temperature, so I went to the pharmacy to buy a thermometer.  I returned to my desk and discovered that I had a fever of 101.6 and ironically writing radio copy for the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hyigene telling people to go their primary care physician and not an ER.  I left work at 4pm to go to the doctor’s office and sat waiting from 4:20 until 7pm before a nurse finally called me into an exam room.  By this time, my temperature went up to 102 and the nurse commented that for a person who has a high fever, I look good, and I said I certainly do not feel well.  A swap was struck up my nose which I cannot stand and discovered it was the flu.  They did not know if it was swain flu, but treated as such.  The doctor gave my a prescription for tamiflu, gave me other instructions such as drink lots of fluids, and get homemade chicken soup (fortunately, there is a Whole Foods a couple of blocks away from the doctor’s office), and I finally left the doctor’s office at 8pm, but needed to fill the prescription (a CVS that has a 24-hour pharmacy is a couple of blocks) and go to Whole Foods to pick up some chicken soup and ingredients for soup for me to make the next day.  Fortunately, the fever broke the next morning and I spent time making some chicken soup, drinking lots of fluids, taking vitamins, and eating soup for almost two weeks.

I spent over half of my vacation being sick, so I did not do much crafting, knitting, crocheting, or sewing, but did end up making some very good chicken soup (it is good for the soul).  In addition to being sick, it rained almost everyday.  At least I did get better to attend my niece’s high school graduation.  I managed to go out a couple of days and picked up the current issues of Inside Crochet and Interweave Crochet, and both issues had some really nice projects to inspire.  I probably will just crochet the hat because it is really nice and stylish.  Well, that is all I have for the moment.  Enjoy your day.


















Visual Journaling

I was listening to Allison Lee’s Craftcast a couple of weeks ago and she interviewed a woman named Lisa Sonora Beam who is the author of “The Creative Entrepreneur – A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real.”  She is a mixed media artist, writer and owner of Digital Hive EcoLogical Design which is a communications firm located in San Francisco working with green businesses.  Beam writes in the book about creating a visual journal as a vehicle of placing your original thinking and ideas to make them more realistic. 

I think the idea of creating a visual journal for yourself is a great idea and it does not have be for starting a business, but if want you travel and you have ideas, photos, etc to go into your journal for creating that vacation of a lifetime.  Beam suggests that your journal can include doodling, drawings, photos, writings, even a sales receipts anything that sparks an idea that you have and you want to get it down before that idea leaves your mind forever.

Visual journaling are for those creative individuals who are those visual, action-oriented learners.  Although, the creating a visual journal is great for left-brain thinkers who need to get more in touch with their creative process.  I am still reading through the book and find it very interesting and probably will create a visual journal for myself.  The journal for your eyes only and it is your creative and thought process, and you can use the journal go back to see what ideas will and will not work.

I am going on my two-week stayaction next week and will use the time get started and also the chore of cleaning my house.  I think will take this time to say enjoy your day.

A TV Review and a Question or Two

Yesterday, I had a quiet and relaxing day.  I did some crocheting and watched the marathon of the Closet Cases on the Fine Living Channel with Lloyd Boston as the host.  The premise of the show is that someone like a relative or friend calls up me to re-style a person particularly around a certain event such as high school reunion and gives them advice on style.  Of course it comes with the cleaning of the closet of what to throw out, restyle and keep.  Lloyd and the person go out to shop for some items while a closet designer designs a new closet.  I like the show because it gives good simple advice about how to style yourself according to your personality.  There was an episode where Lloyd restyled his mother (who looked great by the way) because she was starting her own business.

I think I am going to get his book “Before You Put That On” and use it as a guide.  I also like the idea that he gave each person their own look book of the clothes they have in their closet as how to mix and match it piece.  I am going to ask this question, do you think it is a good idea to create a look book when creating and sewing our original clothing.  I know I put more thought of things I am knitting or sewing for myself to wear with an existing piece of clothing, or use what I am creating as a springboard to create other pieces to go with that.  Does it make sense to have few pieces of quality clothing that you can match with others?  It is just a thought.  Well I have a busy evening with an event at work.  Enjoy your day!

Happy Friday with more Rain

It has been a rainy week in the northeast area, and today is no different.  Weather reports have suggests that today is just one rainy day, but expect a warmer and sunnier weekend until Monday where there is a report of possible thunderstorms.  Today is the kind of day where you do not venture outdoors because you want to sit on your couch with a cup of hot chocolate.

I went to the doctor on Monday for a regular check since I have not been to the doctor in a couple of years.  My doctor me that my blood pressure was borderline and suggested not to add additional salt to food, exercise and losing 15 to 20 pounds should lower my pressure.  I have also have to cut back on drinking coffee as the caffeinedoes raise your blood pressure.  So I am on the hunt for good naturally decaffeinated coffee.  I rather make these changes than the doctor prescribing  medication.  A specialist gave me three different types of medication for asthma when I only needed a pump just in case if should have an attack.

I was listening to the destiknit podcast earlier today and she discussed different styles of knitting from other parts of the world from Portugal, Ireland, Lithuania, etc. and found it interesting how people from other parts of the world cast-on, hold their yarn while knitting, and different knitting technique that I knew nothing about.  The podcast also reminded me that I have to purchase a couple of Elizabeth Zimmermann books such as Knitting Without Tears and Barbara Walker.  I have been knitting for a few years and I do not own knitting books by these two authors who are influential in the knitting world.  However, I want to get to the point in my knitting where I can design my own knitting projects.  I also want to create my own crochet designs as well and not depend on following someone’s pattern as I always want to make a change or two in certain patterns I like to make.

Well those are my thoughts for the day.  Enjoy your day

Hump Day and Some Vintage Crochet

It is Wednesday and more commonly known as hump day. That’s right, I am working away until TGIF which some of us are glad to see to begin enjoying the weekend. I do look forward to the weekend because I use that time to relax, cook, and do some crafting. I knit and crochet during my commute, but the weekend is the time to really get more into it.  I picked up one of the books I mentioned last week, Vintage Crochet and saw a few things I wanted to add to my to things to make list.  I think this twinkle lampshade is so cute, although I see using different colors.  I also like this popcorn stitch cushion also in different colors.


Popcorn-stitch Cushion

However, the project that caught my eye in the book is the Nico Dress designed by Dee Clinch.  I believe some of the designers in the book are from Great Britain.  It is a shift dress that is an adaptation of an original 1960s design.  So the bodice is worked in double crochet and the skirt in panels of “Irish” crochet motifs.  Here is the definition of the techinque:

Irish crochet is a type of lace, which has its origin in the famine years of the 19th century in Ireland. Charity groups sought to revive the economy by teaching crochet lace technique at no charge to anyone willing to learn.[citation needed] This type of lace is characterized by separately crocheted motifs which were later assembled into a mesh background. Other types of Irish crochet include Rosslea and Clones lace.

Nico Dress - Front

Nico Dress - Back

Nico Dress Stitch Pattern

However, this modern version is like Irish Crochet, but I think it is very pretty and since I am losing weight I have this visual to work toward a goal to continue and keep going.  The dress is crochet in one size from 8-12 and will be nice for a spring/summer dress. 

Hump day are not so bad when you have something to look forward to.  Enjoy your day.