Moving Pains

It seems like an eternally since writing my last post, but I have occupied with moving to a new apartment. I have lived in my old place for 29 years, so there were a lot of stuff I needed to sort out and get rid things that no longer had any effect on my life. It is safe to say that I hate moving and not because it meant change, but the process and not mention the allegry to dust.

After two weeks of coming home from week each night, I finally packed my things and moved into new apartment Sept 4 and going through the process of making the new space mine and peaceful. I managed to hurt my back doing the move, so I am thinking of talking yoga classes.

I am working creating a space for knitting, sewing and other creative crafts. I have started knitting gifts for the holidays. I can knit about five scarves, but thinking about a spa set to knit for a couple of people. I am orangizing myself to finish up some projects I have started and placed on the back burner. Change can be a good thing.