A Trip to the Grocery Store

Today was last day at work until the New Year, and will not return to work until Monday morning.  I am going to get some rest this first weekend of the New Year and intend to read the new January 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living to purchase while waiting at the checkout register.  Whole Foods was very crowded today and I thought that would not be such the case, but with New Year’s tomorrow people are buying food for celebratory activities at home.  I stood in line for almost a half an hour, which led me to end up thumbing through Real Simple and Self Magazine until Martha Stewart that I ended buying when it was turn at the register.

I finally left Whole Foods with my ingredients for tomorrow’s New Year meal and made my way to the Path Train for the ride home.  I got to Penn Station, had three minutes to make to 7 pm bus, and got to the stop a minute before departure, but the bus left the station at 6:59 then at 7 pm.  I had to wait for another half an hour for the next bus, and thankfully the bus arrived and departed on time.  Waiting that half an hour does throw one off when all you want to do is to get home and relax.  Fortunately, the weather was a little better today than yesterday.  Yesterday the wind was making every attempt to blow away walking and the chill went through your bones that it just made you cold for the rest of day.

Tomorrow, I will have an opportunity to read Martha Stewart Living as the magazine has some very nice recipes that are quick and simple to prepare with a basic chicken soup recipe with three different variations of chicken soup.  There is also a recipe for a hearty winter-vegetable soup that is simple to make, and will add this recipe into my list of things to cook on the weekends.  There is a feature in issue about Lion Brand and its use color and technology, and how the company is bringing a new vision to classic crafts.  

I am going to stop writing at this point because I have a hard time with keeping my eyes opens, so it is time to end this posting with wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!


A Year in Review

Two thousand and nine has been quite a year.  It is the last year in the first decade of the 20th century, and the country witnessed history with the inaugural of the first African-American president.  We have experienced some milestone experiences this year and closing decade.  The deaths of Michael Jackson and Walter Cronkite and resurgence of being self-sufficient by doing things for ourselves again from sewing a button to growing a garden in the time of economic uncertainty.

It has been an interesting year for me with moving from place I lived for almost 30 years into a new apartment.  One never knows how many possessions he or she own until moving.  The hours one can spend purging and remembering things that have not thought about in years.  Asking yourself what was I thinking when you brought one those late-night TV infomercial products that was never used and remains in the box when it was delivered, or two of the same products because you could not find the first.  Perhaps hoarder is the word one could think of at this moment, and you may be correct in that assessment.  Moving is not just a physical cleaning, but an emotional cleansing with realization of letting go of things that no longer fit into your life.  We must move on in one form or another whether you are moving, grieving, or leaving a job.  We let go in order to be in the moment.

Now I am living in the moment with a new apartment, new laptop, and approaching a new year.  With the impending New Year comes the tradition of making resolutions.  As I sit here writing, there are things in my life I want to change.  I made a couple of changes of not being so much of a pack rat as I now live in a smaller space and reality that only so much can fit.  Therefore, my mantra for the coming year is to keep it simple and be resourceful.

There are my resolutions for the 2010:

  • Gain more skills in my knitting and crocheting
  • Learn how design a knitting and crocheting pattern
  • Start sewing again
  • Finish the projects I started in 2009
  • Get more rest and exercise
  • Lower my blood pressure

These are a few things that come to mind, but I also want to achieve a goal of finally planning a side business of knitting handmade goods for customers.  It is a goal that had in 2009, but life seemed to get into the way.  However, I believe I can work creating a business and marketing plan and set realistic goals for the side business since I could use additional cash.  Knitting and crocheting are portable crafts that I can do during my work commute. 

With my resolutions, mean having to set goals and organize so that changes can last and not just for a week.  My last resolutions is becoming a better blogger and learn how to change my blog with creative photos because I have to admit it does lack visual imagination and would love for people to come and be inspired.  I also, let me if you think my blog entries are little long because I can do a lot of writing in one entry.  Ciao!

Ten Years and Counting

At my company’s holiday party last week, I was one of the four employees acknowledged for my ten years of service.  I received a nice little plaque and a letter stating that I will receive a catalogue of gifts to choose.  I finally received the catalogue and decided to get a watch.  I had choices of a three-piece luggage set, air compressor, electric power tool, candle set, etc.  There was also a choice of a digital photo frame and digital camera, but I have a computer to store my photos and digital camera.  The watch is a good choice for me.

Practicality and Simpliticity

I had a conversation with my cousin over the summer about her Kindle.  She absolutely loves her Kindle because it is portable and do not have to worry about stacking books in your home.  I love the uses of technology, but enjoy having the feel of a book or newspaper in my hands reading on the train or the comfort of my home.  My cousin attempted making the argument of me purchasing a Kindle, but I think I am going to pass on this particularly technology.  I must admit, I could save a lot of space in my apartment but probably will fill my space with one of my hobbies like knitting and crocheting.  I could see the simplicity of having a Kindle that hold possibly hundreds if not thousands of books within reach of your fingertips, but there is nothing like visiting a Barnes and Noble and if I have limited funds, a trip to the public library suffices.

This post is leading to the topic of practicality and simplicity.  As I mentioned previously, I do embrace technology particularly when has anything to do with me learning something new.  The Internet was tool that led me to learn how to knit and re-discover crochet.  However, my research led me into discovering blogs of people who had similar interests and gave me the ability to learn about their joys, frustrations, and mistakes in knitting, crocheting and sewing.  Of course, the web did not end my trips to the bookstores as I can attest to purchasing at least 15 to 20 books on knitting and crocheting, and about 5 to 7 sewing reference and pattern books.


Prior to writing this post, I was through the Barnes and Noble websites for craft books, but came upon a book entitled How to Sew a Button: And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew by Erin Bried who has a website how to sew a button .  I would compare the book to The Dangerous Book for Boys that purchased for my nephew a couple of years ago because he needed to know more than just playing video games.  In Erin’s book, she guides you through on how to fold a fitted sheet, tie a necktie and other resourceful and useful things for a practical life.  I think one of the reasons for the re-emergence of doing things yourself  is the current economy climate and the realities that we can no longer pay people to hem or iron trousers.   Self-sufficiency is back en vogue. 

I found that I become older, I have the need to live a more practical and simple life.  I do not find myself as a conservative person, but one who does not mind finding the divine in simplicity.  Even as I write this entry and listening American Masters about Louisa May Alcott, there is something very simplistic about writing about everyday life and learning something new, actually learning something about me.  That I do love write even if I am not the perfect writer with the best grammar, but it is important that through writing I can express my feelings, ideas, and thoughts.  I think crafting and writing can be the window to the soul and perhaps we can find practicality and simplicity in that.  Well these are my random thoughts for the day.

The Day After Christmas

I should begin by writing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope everyone had a happy and safe Christmas.  My brother’s birthday was on Christmas and today his daughter is celebrating her 18th birthday.  I had a good Christmas with the exception of my pilot light in my oven going out in the middle of cooking a rib roast and mac & cheese.  My father and I did not know how to relight it and so I went to my cousin’s house and finish cooking the mac and cheese.  All and all, dinner to finally turn out well for the most part.

Here is the exciting part of my day.  I received $300.00 in American Express gift checks from generous co-workers at work, and finally put them to good use by purchasing a new laptop, an HP G60-535Dx.  I love my laptop, but miss my Apple desktop that has not worked in over year because the on button no longer works and I am still deliberating on either replacing the button or recycling the computer.  My decision will be predicated upon the cost of repair.   In any event, I can once again write regular blog postings with great happiness.

It is amazing how much technology has become so integrated into my everyday life, in fact with many people’s lives.  Just ten short years ago, blogging and podcasting did not exist and the Internet had great possibilities.  Today we are blogging, podcasting, purchasing items online, learning how to knit, crochet and sew with thanks the technology of computers and the Internet.  We are also connecting with people living over the country and world.  There are times when technology can be a pain sometimes like people talking on the phone while eating at restaurant or on public transportation. 

I believe am digressing just a tad.  It will be fun checking out the new computer and learning Windows 7.  I just downloaded the home and student version of Microsoft Office 07, the only disappointment is that Outlook is not including meaning purchasing the application.  Well I suppose we cannot have everything in life, but does not hurt to try anyway. 

For the time being, I am going to do some reading of some new books I purchased over the past few weeks and write about them in a blog entry in the near future.  Until that time, Happy first day of Kwanzaa where the first principle Umoja (Unity) is celebrated.