Another Necklace Project

A continuation of my Saturday jewelry making.  I made this necklace early Saturday evening which carried my mood for the color brown from my earlier necklace.  I used the brown oval glass beads left over from the necklace I made earlier in the day.  I think the elements of glass, stone, and wood tied well together.  I am thinking of getting some brass and copper elements to work in my next projects.  Ciao for now!

Natural Necklace 001


Saturday and a Necklace Project

Smokey Dream 001

I am having a relaxing Saturday after the visit from the cable tech to replace my cable box due to not receiving DVR service.  So, I had the usual morning drink of coffee (well two cups) and reading some blogs on my Google reader.  After the tech left, I decided to make a necklace, the first one after making my spring necklace and losing it to the public transportation system.

I created this necklace from a mixture of chip shape or oval shape glass beads that I found in a couple of store, and the larger beads from wood.  This time I have more secure toggle that will not come undone.  I think I need to make matching bracelets which means another trip to Swarovski-Crystallized for the chip and wood beads as I have about 12 oval beads.  I think I am going to take a nap as my allergies have taken a toll on me.  Ciao for now!

A Gloomy Day and Ode to a Necklace

I posted by this necklace Saturday night.  I made this necklace and was proud of my accomplishment after going to three different bead stores to find the components to finish it.  I brought a jump ring to attach to the bail so the crystal leaf pendant would lay flat.  After all this work, I decided to wear the necklace today and managed to lose it on my way to work.  The leaf clasp I used was not the most secure and probably unclasp while I was walking between trains.  It looks like I am off to the bead store again repurchase the beads, pendant, flower spacers and more reliable clasp.  Back to the drawing board.  Ciao for now!


A Relaxing Sunday and Book Reviews

Today was a day of just relaxing and reviewing a couple of books I purchased this past week.  They are books about my two hobbies jewelry making and knitting.  These are books that I will consistently use as my reference guides. 

Before reviewing and blogging, I took a shower with my latest purchase from Pampered by Adrienne.  I brought the lemongrass body scrub and soap, and found it refreshing and relaxing (I was in the state of relaxing).  I will be purchasing the products as often as I can, and will burn the Georgia Peach candles on those days coming home from work when I need to escape for a moment.

The first book review is a book on jewelry-making titled, “Bead Jewelry 101” by Karen Mitchell and Ann Mitchell.  The book describes the skills and techniques of bead jewelry with the first project being a pair of basic drop earrings.  The book teaching using headpins to make earrings, working with eyepins, jump rings, beading cable, wire, chains, memory wire, filigrees, and using other stranding materials such as silk threads to string pearls.  It is a comprehensive book on the subject and like having a workshop in your home or my case a one-bedroom apartment. 

Review Photos 016  Review Photos 017

The next review is a knitting book titled, “Knitwear Design Workshop – A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits” by Shirley Paden.  Paden is the owner and founder of Shirley Paden Custom Knits.  Her knits and articles have appeared in Interweave Knits, Knitters, and Vogue Knitting.  The purpose of the book is to explore various techniques in designing well-fitted garments.  It is for handknitters at any level who want to free themselves of commercial patterns and design their own.  The only prerequisites are to be able to add, subtract,, multiply, and divide.  The books has step by step process of the initial idea to taking measurements, selecting a pattern stitch, drawing a sketch and schematic, writing knitting instructions, and finishing a garment professionally.  This is not a pattern, but Paden added about four projects in the book like a cabled coat with cape collar.  I love this book

Review Photos 008

Review Photos 009  Review Photos 014

Spring is in the Air, Tree Pollen, and other Things

Yes I do love Spring, but it does not love me much.  My allergies are in play this year with itchy and watery eyes, itchy and running nose, throat is itchy, and sneezing.  They peak in the mornings and nights, and it is time to make a visit to the doctor’s office because I have a feeling that they are going to be bad this year.

I finally made my spring necklace today.  I purchased some jump rings for the bail component so that the leaf pendent lay front on the necklace.  It does not look like the original project from the Bead Style March issue, but it does have the spirit of spring.

Spring Necklace 002Spring Necklace 003 Saturday Coffee 007

I made a trip to the post office on Saturday to pick up a couple of packages of products I ordered.  I order a book on knitting design, and a couple of hanks of yarn to knit a pair of stockings.  My yarn stash consist of projects I have in the basket.  Knit Picks has some yarn at reasonable prices and patterns for $1.99 from independent knit and crochet designers.  This is my first ordering from Knit Picks, the yarn costs me around $14.00 and I think the yarn is a nice quality for the price.  It is a merino wool and find the yarn soft as I rubbed on my skin.  Now it is a matter of me getting to working on the project.

Review Photos 001

I purchased lemongrass and sage soap and body scrub from Pampered by Adrienne.  I smelled the scent before opening the box and was excited because I found it refreshing.  I loved the packaging and will look forward to using these products.  Just in time for Spring.

Review Photos 007 

I picked up some mussels and white wine to make mussels in wine sauce and pasta.  I really enjoyed this dish after a day of running errands and my jewelry making class.  I have a couple of books to review, but will write about them in another post tomorrow.  However, Ciao for now!

Review Photos 022

Monday and Feeling Spring Like

Back to work after a beautiful weekend, and extended today.  It was around 60 degrees in New Jersey/New York.  I decided to go for a work at lunch time and ended up at one my newest spots Swarovski Crystallized.  A person could spend hours in this store, but I only had an hour.  I had the colors blue and green in mind for a necklace and came across this glass beads.  I love the combination and the two round focal pieces on the side of the necklace.

Blue Green Necklace 001I have one slight problem.  I need larger crimping beads because I have currently have are too small.  I also want to get four silver spaces and a crimp cover to polish the look.  Looking forward to another trip to Swarovski Crystallized this week.  My work in progress.  Ciao for now!Blue Green Necklace 004

Saturday Musings and Some Photos

Saturday Coffee 008

We are having wonderful today in New Jersey, it is in the upper 40s and a sky blue sunny day.  I decided to take advantage of the sun and take some photos of my first jewelry project outside of my jewelry making class.  The classes are free at the library including the components to make jewelry, but thought I should get my own materials to make it at home.  I purchased the March issue of Bead Style as I wanted to make a necklace that had a spring feel.  The photo above is the project from the magazine.  I went to four bead store and did not get the materials recommended in the magazine because they were not available and needed to improvise while still keeping with the spring theme, so the photo below is what I purchased.

Saturday Coffee 001


I could not find the leaf beads or the focal component, so I got the jade tear drop beads, and this crystal leaf from Swarovski-Crystallized.  the pendant cost is equal to the rest of the necklace, but cost about under $25.00 to make.  The jade does cost $17.00, but I only eight out of the 45 beads on the strand.  I see a bracelet with the rest of the jade as a companion piece with the necklace.  The only component I am missing to make this necklace is a bail to attach to the pendant to help it lay flat.

Saturday Coffee 003

I purchased this magazines this week, and subscribed to Bead Style.  I like both magazines, but Stringing Magazine is my favorite with more projects and list the name of the company where you can purchase the materials if want to make the project in the magazine.  Bead Style is a great reference guide for the beginner

Saturday Coffee 026 I also have other photos that give me inspiration in what I can create.  I purchased Nick Epstein’s “Crochet Flowers and Knitted Flowers” as reference guides to create embellishments for accessories like bags and necklaces.

Saturday Coffee 017   Saturday Coffee 018

Another Nick Epstein book “Knitting in Tuscany”, where there are some beautiful things to knit like the Tuscan sun shawl gracing the cover, and the Bella bride’s dress which is stunning, modern yet timeless.

Saturday Coffee 027 Saturday Coffee 011

I got the latest issue of Inside Crochet because the project on the cover called a Floating Wrap designed by Robyn Chachula.  I read her Crochet by Faye blog and see her on the show Knit and Crochet Today.  Robyn has a sweepstakes of yarns, you can enter by purchasing one of her patterns from March 1 to 31.

Saturday Coffee 025

The last thing I am going to mention is Pampered by Adrienne by Adrienne Nixon.  She sells handcrafted soy candles, soaps, body scrubs, and embroidered hand towels.  She has great stuff, so go to her website and check it out and do not forget to sign up for her newsletter.  Well, that’s it for now.  Ciao!

New Tools for Another Hobby

I have been to a couple of jewelry making classes at my local library, and a new hobby transformed.  The extent of this hobby is mostly stringing, but enjoy creating a piece of jewelry that is mine and enjoy wearing.  I probably will not earrings for myself because my ears are not pierced due keloid scarring as a child, and my mother followed the physician’s advice of allowing the holes to close.  However, it does not stop me from making earrings for other people.

Today during lunch, I went to four different bead stores to pick up some jewelry making supplies and beads.  One bead store specializes in selling pearls and semi-precious stones, and I brought mostly beads from that store.  Store also had a clearance rack where I picked up a strand for fresh water potato shaped pearls for $11.50, and will have some fun figuring out what to do with them.  I went to the store to do a beginner’s project in March’s issue of BeadStyle, but could not find all of the components like the 40mm dyed quartz pendant.  To solve this problem, I purchased a crystal leaf pendant Swarovski Crystallized in NYC.  Swarovski Crystallized is a great place where you can purchased ready to wear pieces, or making your own.  You can even go to the back where there is a cafe and you can make your jewelry there.  I was a first time shopper at the store and received a free gift, a crystal piece that I can attach to a handbag and signed up for a membership.  I think I will be a frequent shopper at Swarovski Crystallized.

It is getting late and I need some sleep before work in the morning.  Ciao for now!

Jewelry Making Hobby 002