Getting My Mind Wrapped Around Fall

I came home from work today thrilled in the delight that it’s a long weekend as the organization is off for Columbus Day. Before enjoying the long week, my department went to your new building located in Soho (New York City) to see the progression of the new offices and studios. I work for a public radio station and outgrew our space possibly many years ago. It was warm today for October, in the 80s, so it’s difficult to imagine that it really fall. However, being a little warm didn’t prevent me from knitting a hat for my nephew and a skinny scarf in which I haven’t decided yet who should receive it.


After visiting the site of the new office, I took the subway to New York Penn Station but not without entering the Border’s bookstore leaving purchasing the fall issue of Knits Interweave (it has a great ribbed sweater dress pattern), and Sew Stylish gifts issue. I am going to post the copies of the magazine to this entry along with my purchase of this majestic purple yarn to knit that turtleneck poncho. The salesperson in the store believe that the yarn color was a navy blue (see what happens when work under dim lighting), and she blamed it on being made in China, but it doesn’t appear that the Chinese are color-blind as the yarn also looks purple to me. Let me know if you think it’s blue (good thing both colors are in for the fall).