More Lip Balm and Jewelry Making

The lip balm I made last weekend was a hit at work.  I made some more this past weekend and handed it out to some more of my co-workers.  My next project is to make more lip balm with a different fragrant, make cuticle oil/cream, whipped body butter, and bath salts.  For what I paid for the ingredients to make lip balm, I can make at least 20 tubes a batch and that’s a lot of lip balm, so it is cheaper to make your own and sale what you don’t need.

More Lip Balm 003

I had some time over the weekend to make this Black Agate Indian coil.  I used memory wire and created simple loops on each end to close and prevent the beads from falling.  I love this coil as I can wear it as a bracelet, wrap it around my neck or ankle doing the summer months.  It’s multi-faceted jewelry, yay!

Memory Jewelry 002


Rainy Day Project

It has been one rainy day on the East Coast, actually it’s been raining on and off since Sunday.  I have been waiting for some jewelry supplies to make necklace and some finally arrived on Monday and Tuesday.  I have a necklace project on the burner for a couple of weeks, but realize that I did not have enough size 6 seed beads to finish the project.   Upon ordering more seed beads I decided to purchase another set of beads and toggle clash as I am going to make another World Traveler necklace from Fusion Beads.  I am going to have dalmatian jasper beads left over, so I am creating an original piece.

I have another order from Fire Mountain Gems on the way with wooden beads to make some bracelets and necklaces.  I purchase some turquoise beads and getting some inspiration as what to make with them.  Also re-order some beads for a project to posted a couple of weeks ago because I think I lost my necklace which took me about two hours to string because they were 15 and 11 size seed beads (teeny tiny ones).  I just may for it after making the second.  If that should happen, then I will give it to my niece.

I really need to work on an inspiration board for color schemes and patterns for making jewelry and crochet and knitting ideas.  I will save that project for the weekend, but at least start cutting out photos from magazines to get my on my way.  Ciao for now.

Jewelry Resources

Toya from Life Happens be Positive blog asked me about resources from jewelry making, my latest hobby.  I gave her a couple of books and online jewelry supply stores, but today would like to give more book and online resources.  I started making jewelry back in January or February after a trip to the library to borrow a couple of books.  My local library has a few craft classes for individuals to attend and the jewelry making class was scheduled on the day I made the trip.  I went to the class on impulse, and now I have several pieces of jewelry.  I have more necklaces than bracelets, and haven’t made any earrings yet because I do not wear them because of scarring.  However, I do see making a pair of clip-on earrings.

There is one blog I do read on a regular basis and she also has a a few books published on beading.  Her name is Margot Potter of the Impatient Crafter blog, and she creates lovely jewelry and her musings are just great.  She is author of “the impatient Beader”, “the impatient Beader Gets Inspired”, and her current book, “Bead Chic”.  The Impatient Beader is written for the beginner and has easy projects for a person to create.  There is also the Naughty Secretary Club Blog, Jennifer Perkins creates multiple crafting projects including jewelry.  A website I find very helpful is jewelry making on where you can sign up for the newsletter, and get jewelry projects.

Here is a list of some other blogs and online jewelry resources:

A Bead A Day

Fire Mountain Gems

Fusion Beads

Shipwreck Beads


JNS Beads

Beading Path

Kathie Hacker

Rings and Things

Strands of Beads

Beading Daily

Art Beads

I find inspiration from reading Beadwork, Easy Wire Jewelry, and Stringing from Interweave; Bead and Button and BeadStyle are also magazines I read for inspiration and ideas.  Making a trip to the library and checking out books on beading and jewelry making can get me going as well.  I borrowed a couple of books the other day from the library, Beaded Allure by Kelly Wiese has 25 bead weaving pattern projects.  The other book, Handmade Underground Jewelry by Shannon LeVert.  This book has 25 projects for all occasions from easy to immediate, but most of the projects are easy to do.

This is what I have so far on beading and jewelry making, but I am always on the look out for new blogs and online stores to purchase beads and supplies.  There is something very gratifying in making something you can wear that afternoon or the following day.  That is the satisfying thing about DIY.  Ciao for now!



Mid-Week Musings

I was thinking about my blog post on jewelry making, and certainly will write the post before the week is over.  However, I wanted to post a photo of a necklace made tonight.  This is not my photo of the necklace, but it is a creation from Fusion Beads.  I actually purchased the supplies for this necklace several weeks ago, but I forgot what to do with the materials because I had it in my head that there was something missing.  That was not not the case.  It did take my while to bead this necklace because it called for using 11 and 15 seed beads which are teeny tiny tiny.  I suspect I will need a stronger prescription lenses next year.  The colors are copper findings with brown and purple beads.  It is an easy necklace to make, but it will require some patience due the size of the beads.

Forgotten Necklace 004I picked up a copy of fall issue of Sew Stylish, and found some of the projects in the magazine very interesting.  Designing your handbag caught my eye, and would be open to make that project.  I know faux fur is one of the trends for fall, but I have a thing for handbags.  I really like this bag and made a copy of the pattern supplied in the magazine to make it.  The bag will be cheaper than buying out any store in Soho (New York, NY).

Forgotten Necklace 006 This is a short post tonight because it is late, so I am going to say ciao for now.

Sunday Morning, A Spider, and Jewelry Making/Ideas

While sitting at my computer and finding the words to write this blog, I am little friend just literally drop in between the laptop and me.  A spider.  That’s a right, a little black spider.  I have a spider problem in my apartment and I do know if had anything to do with living around so many trees, but it is bothersome.  I have to make a trip the hardware store and get something for this problem.  What a great way to get your Sunday going with having unwanted guests dropping in on you. 

I am not writing the entire blog about a spider, but wanted to discuss my jewelry project.  There are times when I do my own original creations and times when I see a project from Fusion Beads that are good to make as well.

New Sparkle 002 New Sparkle 003

I brought the materials to make this necklace weeks ago, but forgot to order the toggle to finish the piece until a couple of weeks ago when I finally purchased one when getting materials for another project.  And you can guess along with the second project, I once again forgot to order another component to the necklace to complete it.  I am having too many senior moments.  Getting back this necklace, it is an easy necklace to make and my first making simple loops for the dangling pieces.  My loops are not perfect because I think I made them too big, but managed to adjust them to make them a little smaller because I did not want the beads to go through the loops.  I am getting requests to make men’s jewelry as one guy said to me men like jewelry as well.  I have to think about using leather cords and more masculine stone beads.

I received the August/September issue of Beadstyle Magazine in the mail a couple of days ago, and became inspired by the cover.

New Sparkle 005

I like the concept the flower bib, but not everything metal and think it needs some softening.  I am thinking about ribbons and a perhaps some small pearls.  I may not use the open metal flower component and move the bigger flower focal piece more to the other side, but not placing it to the center.  I like the fact that the huge flower is not in the center.  I just see the necklace a little differently than the designer of the piece.  It needs balance and there is too much metal, but cannot deny that her piece has given inspiration to make something of my own.

There are a couple of pieces that inspire me.

New Sparkle 006

I love the concept, but not feeling the color choices.  I like the bracelet and love the flower focus piece on the necklace.  I am thinking about briolette beads, and may some orange beads, but making a trip to the bead store will help me figure it out.  Now I am going to write my next blog post about more yarn. 

A Little Set Back and Work Attire

Yesterday, I received my order to make the necklace I wrote about in a post last week.  I was happy and starting stringing when after getting home from work when I realized something.  I was stringing it wrong, and I only brought one 10 gram of Japanese seed beads.  The instructions called for 17.5 grams of seed beads, so that means placing another order.  I am going to order more of rectangle horn and Dalmatian jasper beads.  I want to coordinate some orange color beads with the rectangle horn beads, and some black or silver beads with the Dalmatian jasper beads.  I am going to have some jasper beads from the first string I ordered, I am thinking about a bracelet  I just came up with an idea for the seed beads, I nice knitted wool T with seed beads around the sleeves, an half inch border of the beads.  The creativity comes what to do with the leftover materials.  I also waiting for another order to make an icy necklaceCorrecting a Mistake 001

Seersucker Afghan 011I received the September/October issue of Crochet Today.  Of course it is only July, but details, details.  I love the cover as the theme’s issue is work it chic and polished looks for 9 to 5 in addition to its annual Halloween section.    This tailored blazer is a suit-inspired sweater to add to one’s work-wardrobe, and the positive is that it does not wrinkle.  The blazer is crocheted in Red Heart Eco-Ways bamboo wool with the suggested retail price of $3.99 a skein and comes in ten colors.

Correcting a Mistake 004

It is my hope that I work on some my crafty projects this week and next.  I have not made a necklace since I went on vacation which is over a month ago.  I am due for a new one, also get my afghan and wrap projects going to finish my the fall.  I am going to end this blog post, and it’s ciao for now.

Afghan Sunday

It’s coming to the end of another weekend and I am thankful that we did not have extremely hot weather.  I made fried chicken yesterday and today I started on my seersucker afghan from “Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans – more than 50 beautiful, affordable designs featuring Berroco’s comfort yarn.  The pattern for this afghan is very easy, and I have to make eight sections of four squares in each.  I am in the process of knitting the three square in the section.  I was thinking about making a scarf using this pattern, but altering it by having rib stitch so the ends do not roll.  I know that there some yarn snobs out there, but using Red Heart for afghans is fine.

Seersucker Afghan 004 Seersucker Afghan 002 

I found another jewelry project from Fusion Beads to make.  It’s called the world traveler necklace and I placed an other for the beading materials Friday.  With any chance, I should receive the order for this sometime mid-week.

Seersucker Afghan 011 

I also stopped by Barnes and Noble and picked a copy of Mark Montaro’s “The Big Ass Book of Home Decor” to get some decor ideas to design my apartment.  Creativity comes from the need to solve a problem using limited resources.  I love the tapped-aluminum wall sconce in the book and wondering about turning it into wall art.

Seersucker Afghan 005

Seersucker Afghan 009

Along with being a knitter, I love to crochet and buy Interweave Crochet for some inspiration and possible to make a project.  I have dozens of project I want to make from crochet projects along, not to mention the knitting projects in my to do list mind.  Now I have to make a inspiration board of knitting and crochet projects to motivate me to knit and crochet.  I like this two-piece crochet cardigan set, and the necklace gives me inspiration to make as well.  I also love the cool wave wrap and see ordering some fingering weight yarn from Knit Picks in my future.

Seersucker Afghan 013 Seersucker Afghan 012Seersucker Afghan 014

I am enjoying my summer from a creative perspective, but certainly not the humidity.  I am going to end this blog post to continue watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera who is helping a bride who has a swamp theme for her wedding, but wearing a ball gown.  I still do not understand the idea of frogs, logs, and goldfish as the decor, but watching to see what David does with this wedding.  Ciao for now!



Budget Monday – Fabric Shopping

On the first day of my staycation, and I finally had a chance to visit a fabric store in my neighborhood.  This revelation could be precarious for me with the consequence of having a huge fabric stash before I know it because the store sells fabric wholesale prices.  I purchased five yards this nice cotton black and white fabric for $3.00 a yard.  The store also has blue and white strip fabric for $3.00/per yd as well, and I doing everything in my power from not returning to the store again today because I am thinking PJs with that fabric.  I am thinking about a dress with this black and white print, and probably will have some left over to make something else.  I am not wasting any of this fabric.

2010-06-14 14.17.51

I also purchased three yards of gray fabric for a pair of trousers or a pencil skirt, and the fabric cost $4.00/per yd. 

2010-06-14 14.18.38

I watching the Martha Stewart today, and saw a segment on making your own craft table.  Martha has a partnership with Home Depot where you can buy Martha Stewart Living Alder 35.88 In. High x 24.13 In. Wide x 11.89 In. Deep Laminate Stackable 6 Cube Organizer for $44.97 each.  Martha demonstrated on the show that you can buy a hollow door for $25.00, paint or tack oilcloth and you can have a craft table for under $150.00 compared to the Pottery Barn craft table priced at over a $1,157.  However, I have to note that BP’s table is on sale for $959 (still too much money).  The great thing about the craft table on Martha Stewart is that you can make it portable if you are like me living in a one-bedroom apartment and space is valuable.  Use as storage and a table, great idea.

There is another project on Martha Stewart online for dyeing wooden beads for necklaces, and found a couple of websites where you can purchase beads.  One site is Craft Parts where beads can come in quite a few sizes.  You can also buy wooden craft buttons, and dowels should want to make a bag or your own knitting needles.  Another resource is American Wood Crafters Supply where beads are sold at a good price.  You can purchase the dye from Rit Dye, and instructions for dyeing beads are at Martha Stewart.  It’s time to get crafty, so I am going to end this blog and get ready a craft extravaganza at the library (I will not return to the fabric today).  Ciao for now!

Staycation and Some Creative Ideas

Reader beware!  This is a long post entry with quite a few photos!

It is that time of year for me again, staycation!  Every year in mid-June, I take a two-week vacation where staying at home is the thing to do when money is tight in this rough recession.  I also have a chance to make more blog entries during this time, and catch up some finishing and starting some knitting projects, reading, and visit a museum or two.  I also have the time to listen to some podcast and just relax during the two weeks.  The previous year came with me having the flu and lying in bed for almost two weeks, this year comes with a stiff lower back if sitting for too long.  However, I it will not prevent me from relaxing or going to see the King Tut exhibit (looking forward to seeing that).

Yesterday, while doing some web surfing and listening to a couple of knitting podcasts, I came around this vintage knitted “Blood Red Dress”.  This 1940s vintage dress was knitted by ChopChop of the My Spicy Yarn blog.  She purchased a Corticelli Hand-Knits Fashions no KP 27 that she purchased from E-Bay.  I tried to find this pattern book without success, but did asked if she wouldn’t mind selling me this pattern.  She also mentioned in her blog that this pattern was a quick knitting, but think she is a fast knitter.  I think it would take me a while to knit considering one would have to use lace weight yarn for the project.  However, I think she did a great job with knitting this dress and who would love to add a knitted dress to her wear closet.  The color and style of dress just screams out sexy kitten without having anything hang out.  I am amazed at that even though this dress is vintage, yet feels modern and stylish to wear now.  This dress is eye candy and may give me enough inspiration to create a knitting pattern with this style in mind since I am unable to find the pattern.


Yesterday, I went to a jewelry-making class at my local library.  I typically go to the class to meet other crafty people than learning anything new.  The class is mostly bead stringing, and I would like to get more into bead weaving and some wire work.  I always to go for the more challenging and pushing my creative side.  I met a woman there who wanted to know if I have sold any of my jewelry.  I told her no, but I could end up with more bracelets and necklaces I could possibly wear.  Who I am kidding, one could never have enough pieces of jewelry, but I can still sell jewelry by making extra pieces.  It is a win/win situation.

New Yarn and Necklace 006

Friday, I could not leave for vacation without making a trip to the yarn store.  I went to the Lion Brand Studio in New York City with a co-worker of mine who needed to purchase yarn for cardigan she is making for a couple who just had little baby girl.  There is nothing like making a little baby pink cardi, well certainly nothing precious.  I decided to knit a shawl for the office while on vacation because my workplace is a like being a side of beef hanging in a meat locker.  It is freezing and you need to wrap yourself in a blanket, but a shawl is more practical.  I love this yarn with the copper highlights and could see making a fabulous shell to wear on a night out.  I was just thinking how great it would be to wear that vintage dress on a first date, I digress.  The yarn is Vanna Glamour and it comes in a few more colors including platinum and topaz.

New Yarn and Necklace 009

I am fortunate to have a magazine store that carries Burda Style Magazine near my job, and managed to get the May and June Issues.  I wear plus size clothing, so finding clothes that are great looking is difficult to find (reason for making your own clothes).  May’s issue had Italian inspired dresses what are very sexy, especially the red dress.  The collection in the magazine is entitled “La Dolce Vita”, and think it is the perfect title for the dresses.  There were only a couple of things that caught my eye in June’s issue like the the tunic and pants.  There is a jumpsuit that I am going back and forth on liking it or not.  I think the problem is that the model is wearing a terrible hat and it makes her look like a cougar.  The jumpsuit has a 70s feel, perhaps too much so.

New Yarn and Necklace 005

Vita Dolce 002

New Yarn and Necklace 003

My back is beginning to relax, and I am coming to the end of writing this entry.  I am going to start knitting my shawl and watch some TV on a Sunday with Drop Dead Diva, and My Fair Wedding with David Tutera.  I love that show and it is great to see a wedding show other than Bridellizas, and besides he does fabulousity with receptions.  I will able to write quite a few entries during my staycation, but Ciao for now!

A Little Project While Watching TV

I came home from work today with a couple of things on my mind.  One, making a salad from the Chocolate and Zucchini blog, chicken and radish salad with creamy avocado dressing, second, making the cinnamon sparkle necklace by Fusion Beads

I have to watch what I eat because the doctor told me that LDL levels of my cholesterol are a little high, and my blood pressure is borderline.  So the best way to correct this problem is to make changes in my diet.  This means reduce foods that are high in cholesterol and salt, and I find cooking my own food helps significantly because I control the fat, salt, and food.  This salad that for for me.  It is loaded with minerals and vitamins (if you eat right, then you do not need to take supplements), and I added baby spinach and cucumbers to get in more veggies.  Avocado is loaded with fiber, potassium, and vitamin E plus the good fat to raise my HDL and help lower my LDL.  The salad also tasted good, although I not include the anchovies into the recipe as I did not have any one hand.  I will be making this recipe again and it is really good for using that roasted chicken you may have cooked on Sunday.

Mid-Weel Dinner 002 My second project is a necklace that I have in my to make for a couple weeks, and I finally got all of the components today to complete the project.  It took about an half and hour to string the cinnamon sparkle necklace.  It cost under $25.00 to make and Fusion Beads as the instructions and supplies to make the necklace.  I have to say that I love Swarovski crystal pearl beads.


Bedtime Project 002

Well it is time for me to go to bed, wake in the morning to wear my new necklace.  I am looking forward to the morning.  Ciao for now!

It’s Thursday and What a Week

I had quite a week starting with getting sick over the weekend with a chest cold, and my allergies kicked in which caused more problems on the health front.  The arm of my reading glasses came off when the screw loosened (my glasses are two-years old), this means getting a new pair with this pair being the back-up.

There were so good notes this week with finally finishing this bracelet, and a little bit of a back story.  I had the supplies for this bracelet a couple of weeks ago, and ran into a problem by cutting the wire I needed too short.  I started over only to realized that I lost one of beads which probably is in some landfill by now after sweeping the floors.

Bracelet 002

On the yarn front, I went Purl Soho today to purchase at size an 2 24in circular needle, but the way my luck has been going this week I could not find one.  So I walked around the store and noticed Casade’s ultra prima cotton yarn and the colors were fabulous.   I picked up a couple of skeins of the forest green which is a very vibrant with a nice sheen.  Now I have figure out if I want to knit or crochet the yarn into something.  I am thinking about a cowl, but wondering if I should use a lace stitch.  I am going to my stitch dictionary and find a stitch to create a pattern.  This color spoke to me even if green is not my favorite color.

Light Dinner 003

I also picked up some groceries during my lunch hour as well as the yarn shopping.  I have to watch my blood pressure and cholesterol, so I made a recipe for the June issue of Body and Soul Magazine with healthy salad redos.  I made sardines with a boiled egg on romaine lettuce, croutons, and lemon and olive dressing.  I could not find any croutons, so I used cheese sticks with parmesan cheese.  I drank a glass of soy milk as I needed to get some calcium and other vitamins.

Light Dinner 002

Another Jewelry Piece

I managed to create another necklace last night.  Actually, it took me a couple of days to make this piece and still need to add crimp caps for a more finished look.  I some of the chip beads left to make another necklace or bracelet.  I think I am going to take a little break and not create any jewelry today, but could very well change my mind.  Ciao for now!

New Necklaces 008

Day of Making Jewelry

I have been doing some beads and jewelry supplies shopping over the past few weeks, and now have a little stash.  I made three necklaces and in the process of making another necklace along with a bracelet to compliment.  I did something I do usually and that’s purchase a kit of any kind.  Not since I was a kid, have brought something to ready made but like the ascetic of the bracelet that buying was just a logical choice.

New Necklaces 001 I ordered turquoise beads from Fire Mountain Gems, but the beads in this necklace is not what I ordered.  Instead of returning the strand, I made lemonade from lemons and this is the finished product.  I found the focal component and curly-shaped glass leaves from Beads World in NYC.

New Necklaces 005

I came up with this necklace after purchasing the flower on sale, so I brought two for a total price of five dollars.  I paired the flower with a strand of pearls and amber beads I brought a while ago.  I used crimp covers for the first time, and I need practice to get the hang of it, but it does make for a more professional looking necklace.

New Necklaces 007

This last necklace, I used wooden beads brought from Swarovski-Crystallized.  I brought this focal component from the same place as the one in the first necklace.  This necklace cost under $16.00 to make.  I have six remaining larger wooden beads to make another necklace because the size would not be great for a bracelet.

This has been my Saturday afternoon of making stuff.  Ciao for now!

Another Necklace Project

A continuation of my Saturday jewelry making.  I made this necklace early Saturday evening which carried my mood for the color brown from my earlier necklace.  I used the brown oval glass beads left over from the necklace I made earlier in the day.  I think the elements of glass, stone, and wood tied well together.  I am thinking of getting some brass and copper elements to work in my next projects.  Ciao for now!

Natural Necklace 001

Saturday and a Necklace Project

Smokey Dream 001

I am having a relaxing Saturday after the visit from the cable tech to replace my cable box due to not receiving DVR service.  So, I had the usual morning drink of coffee (well two cups) and reading some blogs on my Google reader.  After the tech left, I decided to make a necklace, the first one after making my spring necklace and losing it to the public transportation system.

I created this necklace from a mixture of chip shape or oval shape glass beads that I found in a couple of store, and the larger beads from wood.  This time I have more secure toggle that will not come undone.  I think I need to make matching bracelets which means another trip to Swarovski-Crystallized for the chip and wood beads as I have about 12 oval beads.  I think I am going to take a nap as my allergies have taken a toll on me.  Ciao for now!

Spring is in the Air, Tree Pollen, and other Things

Yes I do love Spring, but it does not love me much.  My allergies are in play this year with itchy and watery eyes, itchy and running nose, throat is itchy, and sneezing.  They peak in the mornings and nights, and it is time to make a visit to the doctor’s office because I have a feeling that they are going to be bad this year.

I finally made my spring necklace today.  I purchased some jump rings for the bail component so that the leaf pendent lay front on the necklace.  It does not look like the original project from the Bead Style March issue, but it does have the spirit of spring.

Spring Necklace 002Spring Necklace 003 Saturday Coffee 007

I made a trip to the post office on Saturday to pick up a couple of packages of products I ordered.  I order a book on knitting design, and a couple of hanks of yarn to knit a pair of stockings.  My yarn stash consist of projects I have in the basket.  Knit Picks has some yarn at reasonable prices and patterns for $1.99 from independent knit and crochet designers.  This is my first ordering from Knit Picks, the yarn costs me around $14.00 and I think the yarn is a nice quality for the price.  It is a merino wool and find the yarn soft as I rubbed on my skin.  Now it is a matter of me getting to working on the project.

Review Photos 001

I purchased lemongrass and sage soap and body scrub from Pampered by Adrienne.  I smelled the scent before opening the box and was excited because I found it refreshing.  I loved the packaging and will look forward to using these products.  Just in time for Spring.

Review Photos 007 

I picked up some mussels and white wine to make mussels in wine sauce and pasta.  I really enjoyed this dish after a day of running errands and my jewelry making class.  I have a couple of books to review, but will write about them in another post tomorrow.  However, Ciao for now!

Review Photos 022

Monday and Feeling Spring Like

Back to work after a beautiful weekend, and extended today.  It was around 60 degrees in New Jersey/New York.  I decided to go for a work at lunch time and ended up at one my newest spots Swarovski Crystallized.  A person could spend hours in this store, but I only had an hour.  I had the colors blue and green in mind for a necklace and came across this glass beads.  I love the combination and the two round focal pieces on the side of the necklace.

Blue Green Necklace 001I have one slight problem.  I need larger crimping beads because I have currently have are too small.  I also want to get four silver spaces and a crimp cover to polish the look.  Looking forward to another trip to Swarovski Crystallized this week.  My work in progress.  Ciao for now!Blue Green Necklace 004

Saturday Musings and Some Photos

Saturday Coffee 008

We are having wonderful today in New Jersey, it is in the upper 40s and a sky blue sunny day.  I decided to take advantage of the sun and take some photos of my first jewelry project outside of my jewelry making class.  The classes are free at the library including the components to make jewelry, but thought I should get my own materials to make it at home.  I purchased the March issue of Bead Style as I wanted to make a necklace that had a spring feel.  The photo above is the project from the magazine.  I went to four bead store and did not get the materials recommended in the magazine because they were not available and needed to improvise while still keeping with the spring theme, so the photo below is what I purchased.

Saturday Coffee 001


I could not find the leaf beads or the focal component, so I got the jade tear drop beads, and this crystal leaf from Swarovski-Crystallized.  the pendant cost is equal to the rest of the necklace, but cost about under $25.00 to make.  The jade does cost $17.00, but I only eight out of the 45 beads on the strand.  I see a bracelet with the rest of the jade as a companion piece with the necklace.  The only component I am missing to make this necklace is a bail to attach to the pendant to help it lay flat.

Saturday Coffee 003

I purchased this magazines this week, and subscribed to Bead Style.  I like both magazines, but Stringing Magazine is my favorite with more projects and list the name of the company where you can purchase the materials if want to make the project in the magazine.  Bead Style is a great reference guide for the beginner

Saturday Coffee 026 I also have other photos that give me inspiration in what I can create.  I purchased Nick Epstein’s “Crochet Flowers and Knitted Flowers” as reference guides to create embellishments for accessories like bags and necklaces.

Saturday Coffee 017   Saturday Coffee 018

Another Nick Epstein book “Knitting in Tuscany”, where there are some beautiful things to knit like the Tuscan sun shawl gracing the cover, and the Bella bride’s dress which is stunning, modern yet timeless.

Saturday Coffee 027 Saturday Coffee 011

I got the latest issue of Inside Crochet because the project on the cover called a Floating Wrap designed by Robyn Chachula.  I read her Crochet by Faye blog and see her on the show Knit and Crochet Today.  Robyn has a sweepstakes of yarns, you can enter by purchasing one of her patterns from March 1 to 31.

Saturday Coffee 025

The last thing I am going to mention is Pampered by Adrienne by Adrienne Nixon.  She sells handcrafted soy candles, soaps, body scrubs, and embroidered hand towels.  She has great stuff, so go to her website and check it out and do not forget to sign up for her newsletter.  Well, that’s it for now.  Ciao!

A Trip to the Library

Today, I finally made my way to the library and had my card activated. I asked the person at the information where the crocheting and knitting books are located, and she told me that the books were housed on the second floor. In addition, she also mentioned that a jewelry making class was about to start, so I decided to stay and make some jewelry. I ended up making a bracelet and necklace. I like bracelet better than the necklace, but too bad for first time.  I would definitely go back to the library and continue the jewelry making class and add one more hobby to my growing list of them.  Ciao for now!

Jewelry Making 001

Jewelry Making 004