Let’s Party!

Tonight after work, I am heading out to a cocktail party at a friend’s house, and am bringing the cheese.  What a wonderful way to spend New Year’s Eve with friends at home.  I think it is great to have a cocktail party with drinks and fun appetizers such as baby back ribs or lamb lollipop chops.  The ribs comes with its own stick in which you can hold in hand and drink in the other.  Food on a stick always work for me at cocktail parties with an assortment of cheeses and fruits.  One does not need a great deal of money to have a fabulous party at home.  If you are a vegetarian, you can always have appetizers such as different types of hummus, spiced nuts, or make a flavored popcorn.

I think champagne or sparkling wine is always great for a New Year’s Even cocktail, and you do not need to purchase the most expensive sparkling wine.  In fact, you can find some nice sparkling wines for around $15.00 and it’s always fun to even try the rose or pink sparking wine and there are even some red sparking wines from Australia.  Do not be afraid, the person at the wine store can help you with choosing a sparking wine within your budget, and may be surprised that you can afford champagne with beer budget.


Ready, Set, Go, Well Not Quite

After finally deciding what project to knit for my co-worker’s baby to be, I went to the yarn store and purchase three skeins of Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino (the color is beige, but gender neutral). I was looking forward to coming home and starting the project after dealing with one of the most vexatious individual ever known to man. The man is a walking sitcom and believe that he would try the patience of most spiritual people who ever walked the earth. Buddha and Jesus would probably run for the hills upon seeing this person. Well I digress, let me get back to my original thought. I finally arrived home eagerly wanting to start the project and realized that I do not have a pair of size two and three knitting needles. Well that meant going to Elann.com and ordering the pairs of needles needed for the project, and means waiting probably until next week to start.  I am not worried as she is not leaving for maternity leave until mid-March.


After ordering the needles, I decided to take some pictures of future projects like the one above.  I thought that is a nice nightgown from the Sensual Knits book.  Imagine after a long day, you come home to take care of what ever you need to do, then take a nice warm or hot bath, and put this nightgown and lounge for the reminder of the evening.  I can not wait to build up my knitting skills to tackle this project.



I saw this sweater in the winter 08 issue of Knit Scene and said to myself what I great sweater with wonderful detailing in front to give it more interest.   I think the knit is yummy and this would be the sweater of all sweaters in my closet.  I would like to knit this for my niece as well and it will take some time and practice to get that look.




This sweater from Sensual Knits is just great to have in your closet and it is an easy project for me to create now.  I think women should something sexy in our closet without making us look like we are desperate for a guy and end up with someone somewhat less desirable.  It has just enough allure and confidence to look great.

These projects are for the knit list I am creating, and hopeful that I will.


A New Year on the Horizon

Before writing my thoughts today, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that you did not eat too much as I think we may ourselves taking our measurements finding that we may be inch wider than a few weeks ago.  My holiday was a good one with seeing my family and for the most part a quiet Christmas.  After everyone left, I had an opportunity to think about what the New Year may bring and will I be ready for what possibly may come.  While, thinking about this thought, I was in the process of discerning my resolution for 2008.  Some of us typically have some lofty resolutions of what they would like to change about themselves, and sometimes it is usually some physical change such as losing weight.

Now I do have losing weight on my resolution list along with being more organized.  There is learning a new skill such as learning to speak Spanish, becoming a good sewer, knit that sweater, and watching my spending as I would like to retire with financial security.  I have to say this that marriage does not cross my mind as I had not met that guy that made me say to myself that I want to live with this person for the rest of my life (this I had resolved some years ago). 

With creating resolution, I learned that I should see things how they really are and not what I think how things should be.  It is this idea that I think I can resolve things with more realistic look.  I know that this seems very pragmatic, but it is about taking a more profound look of who I am really am as a person.  The first thing to learn is that I am not a perfect person, and admit that I do have weaknesses and recognize my strengths.  I also have to think about what small changes I make that will have a positive impact.  It comes to accepting and becoming less judging of yourself and others.  So my new year’s resolution for 2008 is to take it easy, become more aware and thoughtful, become a little less of a perfection and being more human.  I believe I will have greater success.

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take out some time express my Christmas greetings to everyone.  Unfortunately, I had to work today, but am hopeful to leave by one o’clock this afternoon to make it the supermarket for my dinner tomorrow.  I know that you are saying to yourself why is going grocery shopping so late.  I am unfortunate that I do not have to cook that much tomorrow because back I go to work the next day.  I am preparing for my Christmas dinner the following:

Prime Rib Roast with a dijon mustard horseradish

Caramelized Butternut Squash

Mustard Greens with garlic

Yorkshire Pudding

Apple Pie for dessert

I choose this menu for its simplicity and believe a wonderful holiday dinner.  In addition, rib roast is on sale this week and all the more reason to make something I do not typically eat during the year.  The apple pie is just a comfort food that is great to have during this time of year when the fruit is in season.  I am going to the holiday season and will be on vacation the week of New Year’s which is a great way to start the new year by simply relaxing with the hope of get some project done during the week.  Merry Christmas everyone, and enjoy!

A Different Kind of Exhibit at Metropolitan Museum

I am a visitor of museums and love seeing an exhibit of artist or period of history that pique my interests.  Today, I decided to visit Metropolitan Museum’s website to see what it is currently on exhibit.  Actually, I was sending an email of a person who mentioned something wanting to come to New York City one day and was particularly interested in fabric stores.  Met Museum’s Costume Institute has exhibits throughout the year about fashion.  In fact, I few years ago, the museum has the Coco Chanel collection on display and it was wonderful to see the classic Chanel suit and the black dress. 

I digress, now back to the story.  Upon going on the museum’s website, I noticed that it has a unique exhibit where people can have a dialogue about fashion through the blog; http://blog.metmuseum.org/blogmode.  It is the first in a series of shows designed to promote critical and creative dialogues about fashion.  “The exhibition has some forty costumes and accessories dating from the eighteenth century to the present which all are recent museum acquisitions and invites visitors to share their reactions on-line or from a “blogbar” of computer terminals in the exhibition galleries”.  That statement is a description the museum wrote its blog exhibit.

For those of you living in or within promoxity of New York, you can visit the exhibit and write your discussion on the blog.  And for those of you are not able to physically see the exhibit can still visit the blog as the museum posted photos of the exhibit for you look and give your critical viewpoint.  I think this is a wonderful idea for the museum to use today’s technology and read the viewpoints of visitors as what they think about the exhibit.  A very forward thinking on their part.  Good day everyone.

The Fabric Store “Finally”

I did not think that there was a enough for me to make to Mood Fabric today, but it finally happened.  Of course I did not go to the store with a real plan, but knew of all the patterns back at my apartment so it was not much of a problem.    One could spend all day in Mood Fabrics, but from what you see on Project Runway, the designers only have 30 minutes to shop.  Since I am not a designer, so I can spend more than 30 minutes at the fabric store.  Mood is not cheap, but one can find some good buys and the fabrics were created by designers, so there will be some wool jersey that runs about $35.00 a yard.  I did find some chocolate brown jersey wool for $14.00 for a wrap dress pattern I brought a few months ago.

I think Mood Fabric is a great place to go for fabric, it has four floors of wall to wall fabric in the and one floor for trimming.  One could spend hours in Mood Fabrics shopping for fabric, and will also see all the up and coming designers from Parsons (not necessarily from Project Runway).  Toya mentioned a fabric store on her blog about a store called Spandex World (I think, but not sure) on 38th Street which Mood is located on 37th Street.  On Fashion Avenue there fabric, applique and trimming, and button stores.  There is also a store that sells fabrics from India and one can make wonderful tunics with the beautiful detailing.  I will have to dedicate one Saturday and just walk around Fashion Avenue to see what I can find.  Good night everybody.

A New Book Find

Today, I went to one of my favorite places, Barnes & Noble.  My manager was kind enough to give me a generous gift card to Barnes & Noble and was more than glad to use it.  I did not make to the fabric store, but I might the trip after work.  Well, I pick up this book entitled Sensual Knits by Yahaira Ferreira who owns the on-line boutique Pure Knits.  The books consist of 25 projects by different knitwear designers.  If you are going to purchase the book, it is probably best do it on the website as it cost $12.00 on-line and $18.00 at bookstores (DRATS! I paid the $18.00).

I love a lot of the projects in the book and according to the author an advanced beginner should be able to tackle these projects.  However, you can purchase the book Knitting Patterns for Dummies which I found very helpful, and there is always the Bitch n Stitch groups one can visit to ask more experienced knitters.  I fell in love with balloon sleeve jacket on the cover, and it luxurious and sensual.  The book also has a few dress patterns and a great opportunity to use alpaca, angora, cashmere, merino, or silk wools.

Another find is a magazine called Belle Amoire – Art to Wear published by Stampington & Company.  The magazine prints bi-monthly and I saw the front cover with that elegant and sophisticated apron.  That apron is something you greet your guest at the door and dare not use while cooking.  I suppose aprons are making a serious comeback and there is an article about the woman to creates them for her business.   Well, that is all I have for now.  Take care everybody.

Why I Make My Own Accessories and Clothes

One of things I typically do on-line is browse the web particularly for accessories and clothes.  I like to have an idea what is the latest fashion, and came across this website called Stewart & Brown, www.stewartbrown.com, a specialty store that sells organic clothing and accessories.  I saw this peasant hat which is a lovely hat, but what is not lovely is its price ($165.00).  The hat is Mongolian cashmere from the description, and calling it a peasant hat may not be appropriate considering its price.

peasant cap

I do not know and can not speak for everyone, but I do not the have the money paid $165.00 for a hat that I may wear three to four months out of the year.  And some of you very experienced sewers and knitters I could produce a a few articles of clothing for that price.  This is one of the reason I became interested in making my own accessories and clothes, I cannot afford to paid retailers’ prices.  Of course, I am not saying that I am going to make single piece of clothing, but probably will end up making about 80% of my clothes.  In fact, I have not purchased a hat or scarf in three years.

There is another issue, the green movement and the need to purchase products that are good for the environment.  I am not against this idea purchasing organic products if I positively know if indeed they are organic, and after hearing about how demin is processed, I will be learning how to make a pair using organic demin to reduce having harmful chemicals.  Just one tip, if you purchased a pair jeans costing under $30.00, please wash them before wearing as there are chemicals that could irriate your skin.  I am hopeful that organic fabric does become more available and cost less as time progresses.  I believe it is becoming more practical to make your own clothes and accessories in addition to having a creative outlet.

Iron Shopping

Over a month, my iron have had for almost seven years just hit the dust.  I have another iron but do not like it because of struggle I have with the cord.  It is hard to pull out and it is hard to put in, so I ended this fight by purchasing another.  I purchased my first Rowenta which is a steam iron with a stainless steel bottom and is self-cleaning (I still see myself cleaning it). 

I did not initially intend to purchase an iron today, but was going to make a trip to the yarn shop for my baby knitting projects.  However, prior to going to the shop, I called to see if they accept American Express Gift Cheques which works the same way as American Express Traveler’s Cheques.  The person said they only accept cash or personal check, no credit cards.  I told her that they American Express Gift Cheques and she said that we do not accept them, but it is the same as an Travelers Cheque.  She did not understand that the gift cheques are the same as travelers cheques.  I think people should fathom the idea of customer relationships, and I am aware of the limitations of a small business.  What I find interesting is that if you order online, they accept credits, but not at the store.  Go figure.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a different day when I make a visit to Mood Fabrics in New York and shop for fabric.  I am looking for brown wool fabric because I have black, charcoal, and blue to complete my neutral mainstay pieces, and look at some knit fabric for a dress from Hot Patterns.  I might have enough to purchase white cotton fabric.

Oh Baby

I purchased these books today to make some baby items for some friends, but particuarly a co-worker who is having a baby in early April.  This means I have get into the process of which project to knit, and have done in time for her shower.  I have been thinking of just doing a blanket and wait until she has the baby so I will know if it is a boy or girl.  There are some  items I find adorable and of course they are for a little girl.  I am little weary as I heard some people who had trouble with Debbie Bliss’ instructions, so wish me well.

I received some American Express checks and my purchase will be FABRIC.  I do not have any knit fabric, so that will be a present for myself to get knit and possibly coating fabric for that coat pattern.  It will be my first coat just everything else I sew, the first of everything.  However, I think I am going to stick to dresses and skirts for the time being until I work my way up to the coat.  I am slowly, but surely building my stash and have to remember to get by tailor ham for ironing the seams.

Well, I finally am having a taste of winter.  Yesterday was really a windy day, so it felt like 12 degrees outside than 32 degrees.  Today was a better day as the wind finally ceased, and one can walk down the street without holding on to his or her hat.  Now, I have to get to my Christmas menu together today and glad that Prime Rib Roast is on sale for $4.99 a lb, I probably will get 3 or 4 pounds as it is enough to feed 6 to 8 people.  There is also the matter of my New Year’s resolution, what will I resolve to do next year.  I have not a glue, but going to think about it.  Good day.

It’s Monday

Yes, another Monday has come once again and can not help but wonder what is in store.  First, I woke up this morning not in a bad mood, but pondered how it would be not to work again in life because I would be wealthy and wherewithal to pay all of bills and travel.  However, reality does set in and I need to get out of bed for work.  Actually, it helps when you have your grandmother’s voice in your head saying to you that you should be lucky that you have a job.  Two things with this thought, one, it is amazing how your parents or grandparents words remain with you long after they are no longer living, and two, although, the statement maybe true, it does not stop a person for feeling differently.  Today is one of those days that I feel differently, so I look forward of what the day as in store for me.

While getting dressed for work, I heard a story on NPR about a man who had an idea to help his son improve his vocabulary for the SATs.  He is a computer programmer who was working on a website about learning about hunger called www.poverty.com, and thought about juxtaposing the two ideas together and created www.freerice.com.  Free rice is a vocabulary game where ontestants are offered four definitions for a word; by clicking on the right definition, a donation of 20 grains of rice is made to the U.N. World Food Programme. The U.N. distributes the rice worldwide.  So you can learn new words and help send food to countries in need.  See you never know what the day may bring. 

Too Many e-Newsletters?

I have a confession, I am an e-newsletter junkie.  I joined quite of few e-newsletters and receive alerts on a daily basis, and that includes knitting and sewing.  There is the Barack Obama daily emails, e-newsletters from my radio station for work, and transit information e-newsletters.  My family and friends know that I am an information hound and love receiving new information about a new product, service, and just knowing what is going on in the world.  I admit that it is not a good day unless there is something to learn and it does not whether if it is a new knitting stitch, sewing technique, or a new word like folderol which means an useless ornament or accessory or nonsense.  This is a great word for fashion.  Can you just imagine Tim Gunn from Project Runway using that word with one of the designers?  It would actually fitting be of Tim to use such a word.

Personally, I do not feel that I have too many e-newsletters, but one of my favorites is Knitting Daily from Interweave Knits because it’s magazine is published on a quarterly basis.  Another e-newsletter is Daily Candy because it has so much information about products, services, and things to do.  Daily Candy as different e-newsletters for different cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta, and an everywhere e-newsletter.  I also read a lot of blogs and there is a little neat tool from google.com called reader, and you can subscribe to all your favorite blogs and read them in the same place.  In fact, you will know when there are new entries.  If you do not have a Google account, I suggest you sign up for the reader alone.

Friday and other Happenings

I must admit that I have not done any knitting or sewing this week, but it continues to stay on my mind the list of projects that need to be completed. I have been catching up some reading particular magazine articles from the New Yorker and Harper’s Magazine for have I a need to know what is going on in the country and around the world. I watched a heart-wrenching documentary on HBO about the situation in Darfur entitled “Sand and Sorrow” narrated by George Clooney. What I find so amazing how people can get so involved in politics and concerned who is going to control the land that we lose our sense of humanity in the process. I remember first hearing about Darfur in 2003 on BBC as the United States did not cover the story until some months later. Darfur is a very complex story with many rebel factions and the Sudanese government’s involvement of displacing and killing its own citizens making a distinction from Arabs and non Arabs persons (although both groups practice Islam). It is very unfortunate that we have yet learned from past mistakes and continue the perpetuation of violence of the poorest citizens of the world. It is with great sadness that the powers that be find these citizens dispensable and it is an fortunate truth that I wish one day no longer exist. This really makes the scandal of the use of steroids among baseball players seem trifling in the grander scheme. If anyone is interested in learning more about Darfur Don Cheadle (Actor) and John Prendergest has a written a book entitled Not on Our Watch: The Mission to end Genocide in Darfur and Beyond, you can visit www.enoughproject.org.

Well enough of my preaching, I have no plans of doing anything this weekend which means catching up some cleaning for the holidays. I purchased a magazine yesterday that I have seen many times, but have not brought. The publisher is Somerset Studio which publishes a variety of magazines that include mix media, scrapbooking, and blogging. I brought the paper and mixed media edition which has some very inspirational ideas of holiday cards and ornaments. I think am going to subscribe to Belle Amoire and possibly Artful Blogging magazines (I need to have a more artful look to my blog). Belle Amoire focuses on handmade garments, jewelry, and accessories and I want to learn more about felting fabric. Well that is it for my ramblings today. Happy Friday Everybody!


Today, I am going to write about daydreaming because it is the one thing that some people still carry from their childhood. A formal definition of a daydream according to Dictionary.com is a visionary creation of the imagination experienced while awake; especially : a gratifying reverie usually of wish fulfillment. This is a good definition and I would like to add one more word and that is creativity. I think some of my best creativity comes from daydreaming. Typical a person may think that daydreaming is being lazy and nonproductive, but I believe it is quite the opposite. Of course, there are times when I daydream because of boredom, but I am glad of the boredom as it brings me to another level of creativity and reduces the need to complain about being bored.

There are times when I daydream about traveling to other place in the world because it gives me pleasure, and the day is more pleasant. One of my favorite daydream is the Paris trip as I use my imagination to go on this massive shopping free (guilt-free shopping). Yes it’s the one time I do not feel guilty about spending $800. for a pair of shoes or $10,000 for a suit. The pleasure to spend as much as you would want on clothes in Paris is freeing in the daydream. Another daydream is owning a beach house in Rhode Island that is not bigger than 1800 sq. feet, and invite my closet friends enjoying their company.

There are periods when I am stuck on something that doesn’t seem to have a solution at the moment, I use daydreaming to find my creativity in finding a solution. Daydreams are little pockets of inspiration that are inside of your mind, and it is wonderful to go to that place as you never know what you can create. Daydreaming is secret place where I believe there is a little glimmer of divine. Tell me what you think. Do you daydream?

Christmas in the Air

After many years, I finally went to see the Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular Show featuring the Rockettes Friday evening.  Before attending the show, a friend of mine and me walked through all the department stores viewing their Holiday displays in which Macy’s being our first stop.  Theme of Macy’s window was the Miracle on 34th Street one side, and a whimsical display on the other.  The next stop was Lord and Taylor’s window with views of Christmas from around the world, and a touch of sophistication with white gowns dressed in some of the windows.  Then there is the display at Saks Fifth Avenue and it’s the Snowpeople theme.  Finally, we stop by to see the tree at Rockefeller Center and people skating.

I must admit that the Christmas Spectacular show is not my favorite thing, but many people including tourists love it.  Besides, we are need a little silliness during the holiday season to lighten up some of the sadness that exists in the world.  People need some constant and the Rockettes has been a mainstay in New York City for 75 years.  Although, I do find it somewhat annoying that there seems to be more ads posted in the Music Hall as the reality of sponsors want their advertising after paying a considerable amount of money, and that what keeps the show going advertisers.

I have to give a notable mention to Lisa Tutman Oglseby’s blog (http://lisatutmanoglesby.typepad.com).  She posted a wonderful project she created using apples and you simply have to visit the blog to see it.  It is wonderful and great idea to decorate your home for the holiday season.  I have to say that I find her blog through Adrienne of Adrienne’s Little World (www.adrienneslittleworld.typepad.com) who conducted an interview with Lisa.  If you have not heard the interview, I suggest you do including other interviews both through podcasts and written on the blog.  When I saw that holiday arrangement, I just said wow and read how that is not difficult to create, in addition, it is a different of decorating your home for the holidays.

Ever since starting to learn how to sew, I have come across so many interesting blogs and meeting some really creative people.  Whoever said that ordinary people do not live interesting lives or do interesting things?  Well I think whoever did said it was incorrect in his or her assessment.  One can learn many things talking with other people.  Have a good day everyone!

Holiday Cooking and other things

Can you believe that Christmas is less than twenty days away?  We will be celebrating the holidays this month including attending all those office and private parties, and before it’s all over you weigh ten pounds before the hand strikes welcoming the New Year.  However, it seems worth at the time because you are enjoying the holidays with family and friends and it only once a year.  I will be no different than anyone else.  Tomorrow night, my department will be off to a hotel resort for our annual sales retreat with a cocktail hour and dinner.  The next morning is having breakfast, our meeting (need plenty of coffee for that), and ending the retreat with lunch.

Of course, I am thinking about my menu for Christmas dinner.  When growing up, my grandmother made the same dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  However, I have change that tradition by doing a different dinner for Christmas each year.  I made a goose last year, but want to make a prime rib because it is easy to roast it.  I am thinking about butternut squash and collard greens with onions, but I may change the side dishes.  I need to make something because I have to return to work the next day, so I am thinking about herb popovers, and haven’t decided what dessert to prepare, but may an after dinner drink like chocolate/mint martini.  Let me know what you think.

It’s Wednesday

Today is beginning to feel more like winter with the temperature around 32.  Now some might think this is a little silly, but I brought a pair of boots a couple of months ago that finally fit around my calf.  I really do not understand why shoe designers do not make their high length boots bigger than 12in in diameter because I am not the only person the world how has large calves.  There are some women who run that huge calves because of the muscles, but it’s another peeve I have about what companies do not do for their consumers.  Anyway I did not wear the boot initially to work because they are leather with stretchable fabric thereby not having the need for a zipper (and they fit around my calves, Yea!), just pull up your legs and didn’t think the would hold to the snow.  Secondly, the three and half inch boots and it’s not conducive when walking down the streets of New York City. 

I am also thinking about something even while writing this blog.  I thought of a surprise for my co-worker.  It is safe to say that we are going to give her a baby shower, and I am going to make my first scrapbook as a gift.  I probably will do some sketching to see if it works and what I want to design it.  There are times when I think to myself that I can barely draw a straight line and have some design ideas in my head.  However, clothing designer Eileen Fisher didn’t know how to sew or anything about the fashion business. 

On knitting front, I have some yarn left from my last knitting project and thinking about making a hat to along with the scarf.  If I start that project tonight, I have something to take with me on our department’s annual sales retreat Thursday night, and should have a nice hat by the weekend.  I think that’s is one of that fastest things to knit is a hat.  It takes about two hours to finish and you are really to put on it and go outside.  A co-worker wore a hat the other day with a ribbon on the side and thought to myself that I could create something like and thought about crocheted and knitted flowers.  Then I thought about a sewing a plain skirt, but adding touches like felted flowers (flat, but with texture).  Boy I think my idea book is going to full before the week is out.  Ciao Everybody!

So Much Creativity

I work up this morning with a story idea I’ve been walking around with for several weeks.  There are stories ideas that pop into my mind from time to time, and haven’t written them down.  Oddly enough, I remember my ideas and write them down, but what has been become the hardest part is the process.  What should I name the characters, do I want to have a universal theme to story, should they rich or poor, will the main character have a love interest or already in a relationship from the beginning? 

My protagonist probably will be a woman which is about her life and relationships between her siblings and grandmother after the death of her parents.  What happens to adult children after their parents suddenly die?  Oddly enough when a parent dies even when the child is an adult, and despite how successful they might be, there is that feeling of abandonment despite the age.  Her parents not only suddenly dies, one sibling struggles with a battle, and I haven’t decided about the other siblings with the exception that the sibling is male.  The grandmother is the observer and narrator.  I am going to need to create a storyboard (another craft project, lol).

On a side note, I have been thinking for a while about making cards and scrap-booking.  I was thinking about recycling my magazines for a collage card for a friend of mine.  A scrapbook card, I think it’s a nice idea.  I certainly can take my O Magazine with those photos from the Breathing Space segment in the magazine as a back drop along with some personal photos.  I have to see how that would work out by creating a poster board.

Now, I need to decide what I am going to knit for my co-worker’s little bambino(a) schedule to the arrive early April 2008.  That means I need to start on the projects without knowing the sex of the baby.  I thought about doing a baby blanket as you can never have enough, perhaps a sweater, but the baby due to arrive in the spring and don’t know conducive it would making it out of wool.  I saw the cutest little pair of knitted baby pants from Debbie Bliss’ new book “Essential Baby: Over Twenty Handknits to Take Your Baby from the First Days to the First Steps” with a matching sweater.  The outfit is done with the pants in chocolate and lavender trim, and sweater done in lavender with chocolate trim.  I could change the color to green for a female or male could wear.  I will think about over the next three weeks because I need to start in January.

Just when I think I only had a couple of things to write about in this blog, I end up writing more than three paragraphs.  I only hope that I am not boring the readers and in fact I would love to hear from you guys.  Let me know what’s going on with you.  Thanks!

Snow All Gone

I wrote yesterday that it snowed in New Jersey, and today it has melted.  Well it only snowed an inch, but the temperature went from 32 degrees to 42 degrees when I woke up this morning only to find nothing left of the snow from the previous day.  I suppose the upside is that it isn’t cold, but very windy.

I wanted to write about a relatively new magazine that focuses on organization called “Organize Magazine” (www.organizemag.com).  I brought the magazine last week as I am always looking for ways to better organize and make my life a little easier.  I mentioned to the magazine to Toy from Life Happens Be Positive blog (http://trinilove.typepad.com/my_weblog/), and she could not find it her local Barnes & Noble bookstore which unfortunate that the chain doesn’t carry the magazine at every single store.  However, you can subscribe to the magazine at their website for $20.00 a year but I am unsure about the number of issue the magazine will print.

There is an article that caught my eye, the magazine interviewed the founder of “Creating Keepsakes” Magazine, Lisa Bernson.  One of the focal points of the story is how Lisa got her start.  The website only gives a preview of the article, but visit Lisa’s websites, www.lisabearnson.com, www.lisabecky.com, and www.creatingkeepsakes.comfor more information.  Back to Organize Magazine, one of my favorite regulars in the issue is “Shoestring on a Budget” which the full article is on its website that gives you interesting ideas of how to organize without spending a great deal of money.  Actually, yesterday, I spent some time cleaning out some jars to use for buttons, ribbons, and other notions.  I am also thinking about sewing a knitting needle holder so that I can keep track of my needles.  I hope people give some baskets so that I can use them to place fabric straps and yarn.  It does not take very long before things get out of hand and the next thing you know you have everything everywhere and spend most of your time looking for a pair of scissors than on your project.  The current issue of Organize has great ideas about simplifying the holiday season and we all could use less stress doing that time of the year.  Well I think that’s all for now.  Blog you later!

A Little Snow

It’s Sunday and I experienced the first snow of the fall.  Although, I think the news take things out of portion by calling this the snow storm of the season as it only snowed an inch.  I suppose schools were be delayed tomorrow unless the snow somehow melts between now and into the night.  Of course, when it snows just as it rains, you really don’t want to do anything even when you probably have a million other things to do, but somehow you end up ordering pizza or eat some that leftover pumpkin or sweet potato pie.

Yesterday, I intended to see the move “This Christmas”, but didn’t quite make out of the door because of things that pre-occupied my time just as reading a book I started the other day.  I was thinking about my next project and that knitted skirt is still on my plate to knit and a top from Interweave Knits from the winter issue.  Then, there was a the little thing called laundry and hand-washed a couple of sweaters and skirt.  I finally made it to the movies Sunday, and of course I went when it stopped.

I thought “This Christmas” was an enjoyable movie to watch and nicely acted.  I think it’s interesting that the complexity of a large family doesn’t suddenly become all nice just because it’s Christmas.  The movie as an African-American cast, but any family in the United States can relate to the characters.  I thought Chris Brown’s renditions of “This Christmas and Try A Little Tenderness” was just beautiful and an opportunity show off his singing skills.  I think “This Christmas” is worth seeing.