More Lip Balm and Jewelry Making

The lip balm I made last weekend was a hit at work.  I made some more this past weekend and handed it out to some more of my co-workers.  My next project is to make more lip balm with a different fragrant, make cuticle oil/cream, whipped body butter, and bath salts.  For what I paid for the ingredients to make lip balm, I can make at least 20 tubes a batch and that’s a lot of lip balm, so it is cheaper to make your own and sale what you don’t need.

More Lip Balm 003

I had some time over the weekend to make this Black Agate Indian coil.  I used memory wire and created simple loops on each end to close and prevent the beads from falling.  I love this coil as I can wear it as a bracelet, wrap it around my neck or ankle doing the summer months.  It’s multi-faceted jewelry, yay!

Memory Jewelry 002


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