Trial and Error, Something New

So after writing my blog post the other day, I was set to work on the world traveler necklace from Fusion Beads.  It me a couple of nights to work and finally got to end of the project and ran into a problem,  the beading wire was too short.  I thought that if I remove the last row, it would be fine, but much to my chargin that did not work.  I will have to start over with the exception of adding a couple more inches to leave room to finish off with toggle, but was not incline to restart last night.  However, I was determined to get something done, so I created another necklace with the extra materials from the World Traveler project.

I was able to use the beading wire from the failed necklace attempt to make this 26 in necklace.  It did take me a little while to string it due to the seed beads, and figuring out the placement of them.  Actually I had the concept for this necklace in my head for a couple since knowing that I would have dalmatians beads left from the world traveler project.  I received an order from Fire Mountain Gems that includes round wood beads.  I an idea in my head a bracelet and necklace with the wood beads.

This weekend, I am to write a to do list of knitting, crochet, and jewelry projects.  Now I am going to get some rest because I think my body is getting ready for fall.  Ciao for now!


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