Jewelry Resources

Toya from Life Happens be Positive blog asked me about resources from jewelry making, my latest hobby.  I gave her a couple of books and online jewelry supply stores, but today would like to give more book and online resources.  I started making jewelry back in January or February after a trip to the library to borrow a couple of books.  My local library has a few craft classes for individuals to attend and the jewelry making class was scheduled on the day I made the trip.  I went to the class on impulse, and now I have several pieces of jewelry.  I have more necklaces than bracelets, and haven’t made any earrings yet because I do not wear them because of scarring.  However, I do see making a pair of clip-on earrings.

There is one blog I do read on a regular basis and she also has a a few books published on beading.  Her name is Margot Potter of the Impatient Crafter blog, and she creates lovely jewelry and her musings are just great.  She is author of “the impatient Beader”, “the impatient Beader Gets Inspired”, and her current book, “Bead Chic”.  The Impatient Beader is written for the beginner and has easy projects for a person to create.  There is also the Naughty Secretary Club Blog, Jennifer Perkins creates multiple crafting projects including jewelry.  A website I find very helpful is jewelry making on where you can sign up for the newsletter, and get jewelry projects.

Here is a list of some other blogs and online jewelry resources:

A Bead A Day

Fire Mountain Gems

Fusion Beads

Shipwreck Beads


JNS Beads

Beading Path

Kathie Hacker

Rings and Things

Strands of Beads

Beading Daily

Art Beads

I find inspiration from reading Beadwork, Easy Wire Jewelry, and Stringing from Interweave; Bead and Button and BeadStyle are also magazines I read for inspiration and ideas.  Making a trip to the library and checking out books on beading and jewelry making can get me going as well.  I borrowed a couple of books the other day from the library, Beaded Allure by Kelly Wiese has 25 bead weaving pattern projects.  The other book, Handmade Underground Jewelry by Shannon LeVert.  This book has 25 projects for all occasions from easy to immediate, but most of the projects are easy to do.

This is what I have so far on beading and jewelry making, but I am always on the look out for new blogs and online stores to purchase beads and supplies.  There is something very gratifying in making something you can wear that afternoon or the following day.  That is the satisfying thing about DIY.  Ciao for now!




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