Sunday Musings

It’s a cloudy Sunday afternoon, and I spent some time looking through magazine to do an inspirational board.  There are a few things that jump out at me, and I have a Glamour magazine on my desk at work to bring home for the board.  As I was looking through the Marie Claire magazine, I realize how simplistic a like my fashion style and couldn’t agree with Coco Chanel’s sentiment of looking in the mirror before working out the door to take off one accessory as it probably one too many.

I also agree with Chanel that fashion is everywhere.  One of the definition of fashion is the make or form of something, and in that sense fashion can indeed by everywhere.   Inspiration is at the art of fashion, one can be inspired by a shape of a cloud, rain, sun, etc. to create something different.  I get inspiration from many things, looking at a Georgia O’Keefe’s art exhibit, the shape of a leaf, color of a butterfly and think of a way to transform that inspiration into something different.  That translation could be in knitting a leaf inspired scarf or bag.  The interruption of a the leaf does have to be literal, but could be an abstract or essence of the original.

I got a few things a few days ago to further my inspiration.  I picked up copy of Amy Butler’s new knitting pattern booklet from Rowan.  The book is a companion to the new Amy Butler yarn line.  There are some interesting projects to knit and most of the project are easy to knit, and the patterns are in line with the Butler Midwest Modern theme



While picking up the Amy Butler at Purl Soho, I picked up a copy of Octtobre design woman pattern book.  The pattern book is Finland and prints children and women books for the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.  I picked up the book because there are a few things I like to sew particularly the maxi dress and trouser.  Well a version of the maxi dress because I am not feeling the straps.

My last book purchase is Debbie Bliss’ Design It, Knit.  It’s not necessarily a how to guide to knitwear design, but her discusses her process of designing knitting patterns from the construction, color, texture, and shape of the garment.  The book also contains 15 original designer patterns to knit, design workbook with templates and knitters’ graph paper, and a bonus stitch gauge.  It’s a great companion book to Shirley Paden’s “Knitwear Design Workshop” for a comprehensive guide to handknits.  I only wish that I had Debbie Bliss studio because I love the windows in her studio.

I brought some beads a couple of weeks ago and still thinking about what to make from them.  I know I making necklaces, but what to find a focus piece to add to them.  For now, I am going find something else to do until the idea of what to do comes to me.  I am going to say ciao for now.



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