Sunday Morning, A Spider, and Jewelry Making/Ideas

While sitting at my computer and finding the words to write this blog, I am little friend just literally drop in between the laptop and me.  A spider.  That’s a right, a little black spider.  I have a spider problem in my apartment and I do know if had anything to do with living around so many trees, but it is bothersome.  I have to make a trip the hardware store and get something for this problem.  What a great way to get your Sunday going with having unwanted guests dropping in on you. 

I am not writing the entire blog about a spider, but wanted to discuss my jewelry project.  There are times when I do my own original creations and times when I see a project from Fusion Beads that are good to make as well.

New Sparkle 002 New Sparkle 003

I brought the materials to make this necklace weeks ago, but forgot to order the toggle to finish the piece until a couple of weeks ago when I finally purchased one when getting materials for another project.  And you can guess along with the second project, I once again forgot to order another component to the necklace to complete it.  I am having too many senior moments.  Getting back this necklace, it is an easy necklace to make and my first making simple loops for the dangling pieces.  My loops are not perfect because I think I made them too big, but managed to adjust them to make them a little smaller because I did not want the beads to go through the loops.  I am getting requests to make men’s jewelry as one guy said to me men like jewelry as well.  I have to think about using leather cords and more masculine stone beads.

I received the August/September issue of Beadstyle Magazine in the mail a couple of days ago, and became inspired by the cover.

New Sparkle 005

I like the concept the flower bib, but not everything metal and think it needs some softening.  I am thinking about ribbons and a perhaps some small pearls.  I may not use the open metal flower component and move the bigger flower focal piece more to the other side, but not placing it to the center.  I like the fact that the huge flower is not in the center.  I just see the necklace a little differently than the designer of the piece.  It needs balance and there is too much metal, but cannot deny that her piece has given inspiration to make something of my own.

There are a couple of pieces that inspire me.

New Sparkle 006

I love the concept, but not feeling the color choices.  I like the bracelet and love the flower focus piece on the necklace.  I am thinking about briolette beads, and may some orange beads, but making a trip to the bead store will help me figure it out.  Now I am going to write my next blog post about more yarn. 


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