Affordable Yarns

I read blogs and E-newsletters, and listen to podcasts to get current information.  I am an information hound and it does not matter if is about news and politics, history, recipes, DIY, or getting a good deal.  I have been more interested in finding quality yarn at reasonable prices particularly with things I want to knit.  It is being strategic about when to use the luxury and reasonably price yarns.  I like using luxury yarns for knitting projects like hats, sock, or wrist warmers because do not need to use a lot of yarns especially you are using no more than two different color yarns.  Bigger knitting projects like afghans, skirts, or sweaters (cardigans), I choose more reasonably price yarns and even substitute the type of yarn for example choosing an alpaca yarn in place of cashmere.  Choosing a different brand could change the price point as well.  There are some affordable yarn brands I enjoy knitting that are of nice quality.  Here are a few brands of yarns that I enjoy using and satisfies my knitting enjoyment:

Cascade Yarns is one of my favorite workhorse yarns.  The company was founded by Bob and Jean Dunbabin in the 1980s.  “At that time, there were few options and many knitters used acrylic yarns as using expensive merino or coarse wool were the commonly available choice at the time.  The Dunbabin went on a quest to search for a soft yet affordable was it was their belief that given a chance, people would prefer to knit with wool  The search led Bob to Peru, and at the time, Peru was not known worldwide for its wool.  The Peruvian natives raised that were a blend of Merino and Corriedale in the mountains above 12,000 feet.  It was what Bob was looking for, a soft long stapled wool, plentiful, light in color and had a tremendous amount of loft.”  This story came from the new book “60 Quick Knits”, a book written with 60 patterns of hat, mittens, and scarves using Cascade 220 yarn.  I typically use Cascade 220, it’s a worsted weight yarn with a generous yardages of 220 yards and comes in over 250 colors at price of $7.00 a skein.  There is also Cascade 220 Tweed, Cascade 220 super wash, and Cascade 220 Paints.  This is a good price for a yarn that comes in a lot of colors and yardage.    Cascade 220 can be used for felted projects.  The other three yarns by Cascade I like is the new Ultra Prima which is cotton in a DK weight with 220 yards in 53 colors and has a beautiful sheen and $10.50 a skein Cascade ECO + and Ecological are bulky weight wools with 478 yards in a skein.  ECO in comes in 44 colors and Eco comes in neutral solid colors and tweed, both yarns are priced at $15.00 a skein which is a good price for a bulky weight.  There is also Cascade Alpaca which is a lace weight yarn with 437 yards, 36 solid colors and 5 paints, and cost $8.00 a skein.  These are just a few of the types of yarns offer at Cascade, there are over 60 types of yarns in its line.

Plymouth Yarns has more than 145 yarns in its line, but the two I am familiar with are Encore and Alpaca DK.  I use Encore for baby blankets and has a 75 acrylic and 25 wool, 180 yards, cost $6.00 a skein.  Alpaca DK has 125 yards and priced at $8.00 a skein.  These are reasonably price yarns and the quality is good.

Knit Picks has a great selection of yarns at affordable prices.  This is an online treasure and Knit Picks can be used to substitute for other yarns recommended in knitting patterns when you are unable to find them at your local yarn store and a more affordable option if you have a budget.  I have written about this yarn in previous posts.  I have purchased the Bare Merino lace weight yarn at $4.79 a skein which contains 880 yards.  Purchasing the bare merino, you have the option of dyeing it any color you wish or knitting it as is.  In additional to the yarns, they have great prices on knitting books, and patterns created by independent designers at the price of $1,99 a pattern  This is a great bargain and good for people who are beginning to knit as well as the experienced knitter on a budget.

Lion Brand is another affordable yarn with both natural and acrylic fibers.  The yarns have ample yardage and many colors.  The company has the LB collection studio yarn which is only sold at the store, but you can also purchase the yarns from the website.  I have purchased the LB cotton bamboo DK weight yarns and it has good stitch definition and soft.  It has 245 yards in a skein and comes in eight colors at the price of $5.00.  There is an affordable cashmere yarn DK weight/82 yards at $14.00 a skein, organic wool with 185 yards bulky weight for $10.00, super wash merino DK weight/306 yards at $8.00, and a few other yarns in the collection.  However, I think the Fisherman wool is a great bargain with 465 yards, medium worsted weight, and priced at $10.99.  It is a virgin wool with lanolin to make it soft and weatherproof.  This is a good felting yarn and great for making a big market or weekend bag.

I actually more reasonably affordable to mention, but think it is better to have affordable yarn post part II.  I am going to upload a photo of the Chelsea skirt from the new knitting book “New England Knits”, and you can find the pattern for the skirt on Knitting Daily, and this adorable crochet layette baby set as you never know if you have someone who is expecting and you need a gift to make.  Just think, you knit or crochet this projects in one yarns mentioned-above.  I am going research more yarns, so ciao for now.

410 Chelsea Skirt.jpg-500x375 412_3 COATS.jpg-500x375

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  1. I really appreciate the scope of your exposure to yarn. I don’t really “knit” and it looks like I will never get my life around to actually do so. Sigh…. But your post makes me feel better…there is nothing like more affordable options especially when you are starting. I am amazed and impressed by the amount and types of yarns you have used.

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