Another Hobby and is Nesting a Bad Thing

I mentioned in my previous post entertaining the idea of canning some produce from this summer after reading the Whole Living article gave me the inspiration to can and preserve. It goes to the idea of being green by not wasting food, becoming more self-sufficient (a more powerful word to me than independent), and having control over what goes into my food. The idea of canning and preserving really entered into my mind after reading another article in the August issue of Eating Well with recipes two brines and eleven pickles to try. The pickle from the Eating Well is for refrigeration for up to a month, but canning would the process to use for pickled foods that can last up to a year without refrigeration. So today after coming home from work, I walked to Ace Hardware store (it is about three blocks from where I live) and purchased a dozen one-pint Ball canning jars. Upon asking the sales associates about the canning jars, she asked me if I was from the South and I told her no, but my parents are from there. She mentioned not many people up north (technically, New Jersey is a border state and there are parts of South Jersey that painfully remains of scenes from the movie Deliverance, but I digress). However, I think with the DIY movement in the country brought on the resurgence of knitting and sewing, the idea of conserving by canning and preserving, and baking bread (which is cheaper than buying a loaf from the store); this recession has gotten people re-prioritizing their values about what is important, and the reality is saving money is a part of that value.

I went to the bookstore a couple of days ago and finally picked up a copy of "How to Sew a Button" by Erin Bried. The book has a chock full of information for being a more self-sufficient like our grandmothers and mothers were before technology came along. The book covers everything from how to make blueberry pancakes to shining shoes to entertaining. She has a section in the book of how to make your own beer explaining that the process of beer making is simple to do and a kit should cost around $65.00. I am interested in how to make a good vodka martini (I hate gin). The book has good information and a joy to read because there are some funny moments along with the instructions. More importantly, the book is about having more control over your life and who does not want that.

The last thing I am going to mention is that I signed up for a class that celebrity event/wedding planning David Tutura from "My Fair Wedding" is teaching "How to Become an Event Planner". I am looking forward to attending the class this coming Tuesday. I do not know if I want to become an event planner, but within my job responsibilities, I work three to four events a year and think improving on that skill will help me in the long run. I am going to stop blogging for the evening and enjoy this cool summer breeze coming through my window with a good night sleep. Ciao for now!


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