Vacation Season Almost Over

I am coming toward the end of my vacation, and have to say that I end enjoyed have this time off to relax, reflect, and relate. I had the opportunity to visit the King Tut exhibit, making jewelry, and managed to get in some knitting. I also managed to get some wedding shows and one of the shows I really enjoy watching is “My Fair Wedding” with David Tutura on the We Channel because he manages to take a bride’s wedding off the wall concept and it into a beautiful event. One my favorite episode is the woman who wanted to have candy as a theme for her wedding who was going to carry a lollipop boutique. My first thought was how in the world was going to toss that boutique because it had to weight anywhere from eight to ten pounds, she could actually hurt someone just by throwing it. I fear of getting a black eye from the lollipop boutique if were to stand in to catch it.

Another interesting show is “Battle of the Wedding Designers” on TLC. I have only seen a couple of episodes, but the concept of the show is a couple will see three different wedding themes from three different wedding designers. The designers have to plan a wedding with the couple’s budget that varies from couple to couple. I like seeing each designer’s conceptualization of the couple’s wedding, and the winning designer goes from conception to reality with the budget, and some have small budgets.

I had some inspiration over my vacation time. I received the July/August issue of Whole Living aka Body and Soul Magazine, and read the article about canning and preserving food. There is a great recipe for pickling pickles, and canning tomatoes (they are actually in a jar), and making plum preserves. I thought about the idea of making peach and plum preserves. I think that would be a good combination, but will make just a sample batch. I probably will do some more on-line research about preserving. I actually have a book “Canning and Preserving for Dummies” in the apartment that came with a book order, strangely, the company sent the wrong book and I just kept it. The magazine also has a very good article on” 50 Ways to Eat Sustainably”, and how it is important to eat food in season making it better for the environment and saving some money at the same time.

My next blog entry will be about a knitting book review, so it is ciao for now.


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