It’s Thursday and What a Week

I had quite a week starting with getting sick over the weekend with a chest cold, and my allergies kicked in which caused more problems on the health front.  The arm of my reading glasses came off when the screw loosened (my glasses are two-years old), this means getting a new pair with this pair being the back-up.

There were so good notes this week with finally finishing this bracelet, and a little bit of a back story.  I had the supplies for this bracelet a couple of weeks ago, and ran into a problem by cutting the wire I needed too short.  I started over only to realized that I lost one of beads which probably is in some landfill by now after sweeping the floors.

Bracelet 002

On the yarn front, I went Purl Soho today to purchase at size an 2 24in circular needle, but the way my luck has been going this week I could not find one.  So I walked around the store and noticed Casade’s ultra prima cotton yarn and the colors were fabulous.   I picked up a couple of skeins of the forest green which is a very vibrant with a nice sheen.  Now I have figure out if I want to knit or crochet the yarn into something.  I am thinking about a cowl, but wondering if I should use a lace stitch.  I am going to my stitch dictionary and find a stitch to create a pattern.  This color spoke to me even if green is not my favorite color.

Light Dinner 003

I also picked up some groceries during my lunch hour as well as the yarn shopping.  I have to watch my blood pressure and cholesterol, so I made a recipe for the June issue of Body and Soul Magazine with healthy salad redos.  I made sardines with a boiled egg on romaine lettuce, croutons, and lemon and olive dressing.  I could not find any croutons, so I used cheese sticks with parmesan cheese.  I drank a glass of soy milk as I needed to get some calcium and other vitamins.

Light Dinner 002

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