Day of Making Jewelry

I have been doing some beads and jewelry supplies shopping over the past few weeks, and now have a little stash.  I made three necklaces and in the process of making another necklace along with a bracelet to compliment.  I did something I do usually and that’s purchase a kit of any kind.  Not since I was a kid, have brought something to ready made but like the ascetic of the bracelet that buying was just a logical choice.

New Necklaces 001 I ordered turquoise beads from Fire Mountain Gems, but the beads in this necklace is not what I ordered.  Instead of returning the strand, I made lemonade from lemons and this is the finished product.  I found the focal component and curly-shaped glass leaves from Beads World in NYC.

New Necklaces 005

I came up with this necklace after purchasing the flower on sale, so I brought two for a total price of five dollars.  I paired the flower with a strand of pearls and amber beads I brought a while ago.  I used crimp covers for the first time, and I need practice to get the hang of it, but it does make for a more professional looking necklace.

New Necklaces 007

This last necklace, I used wooden beads brought from Swarovski-Crystallized.  I brought this focal component from the same place as the one in the first necklace.  This necklace cost under $16.00 to make.  I have six remaining larger wooden beads to make another necklace because the size would not be great for a bracelet.

This has been my Saturday afternoon of making stuff.  Ciao for now!


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