Saturday and a Necklace Project

Smokey Dream 001

I am having a relaxing Saturday after the visit from the cable tech to replace my cable box due to not receiving DVR service.  So, I had the usual morning drink of coffee (well two cups) and reading some blogs on my Google reader.  After the tech left, I decided to make a necklace, the first one after making my spring necklace and losing it to the public transportation system.

I created this necklace from a mixture of chip shape or oval shape glass beads that I found in a couple of store, and the larger beads from wood.  This time I have more secure toggle that will not come undone.  I think I need to make matching bracelets which means another trip to Swarovski-Crystallized for the chip and wood beads as I have about 12 oval beads.  I think I am going to take a nap as my allergies have taken a toll on me.  Ciao for now!

6 responses

  1. You have been busy with so many different things. I have been out of town with my DIL and her children. I am delighted with the necklaces that you have made. I am sorry for you, but I hope someone found your lovely necklace and saved it from an untimely end kicked into a dark corner.

  2. Hi Henna, (Not sure of your nic/name)

    I followed the link from Field Negro. I post over there as Justice58. I love the brown beads. I’d love a pair of earrings like that. I had the same type/color earrings once but they were round. I lost one and I haven’t been able to find another. My daughter’s mother-in-law gave them to me.

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