A Relaxing Sunday and Book Reviews

Today was a day of just relaxing and reviewing a couple of books I purchased this past week.  They are books about my two hobbies jewelry making and knitting.  These are books that I will consistently use as my reference guides. 

Before reviewing and blogging, I took a shower with my latest purchase from Pampered by Adrienne.  I brought the lemongrass body scrub and soap, and found it refreshing and relaxing (I was in the state of relaxing).  I will be purchasing the products as often as I can, and will burn the Georgia Peach candles on those days coming home from work when I need to escape for a moment.

The first book review is a book on jewelry-making titled, “Bead Jewelry 101” by Karen Mitchell and Ann Mitchell.  The book describes the skills and techniques of bead jewelry with the first project being a pair of basic drop earrings.  The book teaching using headpins to make earrings, working with eyepins, jump rings, beading cable, wire, chains, memory wire, filigrees, and using other stranding materials such as silk threads to string pearls.  It is a comprehensive book on the subject and like having a workshop in your home or my case a one-bedroom apartment. 

Review Photos 016  Review Photos 017

The next review is a knitting book titled, “Knitwear Design Workshop – A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits” by Shirley Paden.  Paden is the owner and founder of Shirley Paden Custom Knits.  Her knits and articles have appeared in Interweave Knits, Knitters, and Vogue Knitting.  The purpose of the book is to explore various techniques in designing well-fitted garments.  It is for handknitters at any level who want to free themselves of commercial patterns and design their own.  The only prerequisites are to be able to add, subtract,, multiply, and divide.  The books has step by step process of the initial idea to taking measurements, selecting a pattern stitch, drawing a sketch and schematic, writing knitting instructions, and finishing a garment professionally.  This is not a pattern, but Paden added about four projects in the book like a cabled coat with cape collar.  I love this book

Review Photos 008

Review Photos 009  Review Photos 014


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