New Tools for Another Hobby

I have been to a couple of jewelry making classes at my local library, and a new hobby transformed.  The extent of this hobby is mostly stringing, but enjoy creating a piece of jewelry that is mine and enjoy wearing.  I probably will not earrings for myself because my ears are not pierced due keloid scarring as a child, and my mother followed the physician’s advice of allowing the holes to close.  However, it does not stop me from making earrings for other people.

Today during lunch, I went to four different bead stores to pick up some jewelry making supplies and beads.  One bead store specializes in selling pearls and semi-precious stones, and I brought mostly beads from that store.  Store also had a clearance rack where I picked up a strand for fresh water potato shaped pearls for $11.50, and will have some fun figuring out what to do with them.  I went to the store to do a beginner’s project in March’s issue of BeadStyle, but could not find all of the components like the 40mm dyed quartz pendant.  To solve this problem, I purchased a crystal leaf pendant Swarovski Crystallized in NYC.  Swarovski Crystallized is a great place where you can purchased ready to wear pieces, or making your own.  You can even go to the back where there is a cafe and you can make your jewelry there.  I was a first time shopper at the store and received a free gift, a crystal piece that I can attach to a handbag and signed up for a membership.  I think I will be a frequent shopper at Swarovski Crystallized.

It is getting late and I need some sleep before work in the morning.  Ciao for now!

Jewelry Making Hobby 002


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  1. Sounds like fun, especially the cafe where you can bead. You could meet other people doing the same thing. Do you every wear clip earrings? I have seen some really gorgeous clips that have been beaded, twisting circles. There are also clips made to attach pendants and hanging beads etc. I like those, because they are easier to do.

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