Snowy Day


Snow Day Knitting 002

Today, the area of the country was hit by a snowstorm that dump over 17 inches of snow between 6am yesterday until 1pm today, but we are still under a weather storm warning until 6p Saturday.  Buses were suspended and that prevented me from getting in New York City to work, so I stayed home.  However, I did not let that time go to waste as I slept until 11 am, and managed to start knitting this scarf.  I am using a bulky weight with size 15 needles, and decided to use a seed stitch. Using bulky weight provides a quick knit and I will have a nice scarf to wear coordinate with my charcoal gray coat using one skein.  While knitting, I came up with some ideas on a felted bag that I need to sketch before it leaves my mind forever.  I am going to say Ciao for now and continue with my knitting project and other creative ideas.

One response

  1. I am saving energy up to try my hand at felting. From the things I have sen you put together especially your inspiration board; you seem to have a really great color sense. I don’t think I do, yet….

    I hope you get to go to work Monday with your new scarf.

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