Cooking on Superbowl Weekend


I had a productive cooking weekend due to impending snowstorm that bypassed my area, but it was cold nonetheless and having food for the rest of the week makes my life a little easier.

On Saturday, I made beef barley soup with a price tag of under $10.00.  The only two ingredients I needed to get for the recipe was the chuck stew beef and celery, everything other ingredients were already home waiting for the beef to arrive.  I made a pizza with anchovies for lunch, and was going to make bake a couple of loaves of classic white bread but decided to make that project for next weekend.

Today, my father came to my house with two packages of cut lamb shanks.  I thought it would have been whole, so I created my recipe of braised lamb with tomato sauce.  The recipe consisted of me flouring the cut lamb shanks and browning them, removing them from the pan, and sautéed a large onion, five cloves of minced garlic, tsp. of thyme, tsp. of fennel seeds, two bay leaves, two 15 oz cans of chicken broth, and a 28 oz can of tomato puree and cooked the sauce for about 10 minutes.  I placed the shanks, cut carrots in a roasting pan, and poured the sauce over the shanks.  I covered the pan with foil and placed on a baking sheet and into an oven 300 degrees for about an hour.  The temperature is depended upon your oven, but everything cooks in turbo speed.  I also made quick and easy dinner rolls and the recipe is at cook’s dot com.  As you can see from the photo, I ate one.

I went to the library yesterday in the midst of all this cooking and borrow a book by Barbara G. Walker titled “Knitting from the Top – How to make perfectly fitting sweaters, skirts, pants, capes and ponchos: start at the top, try on, adjust, block and sew up as you go”, could the title have been any longer.  The has old styles, but it is more about learning the technique as the author really shows you how to design and construct your knitwear.  Well, this is my weekend.  What did you do?  Ciao for now!

Beef Barley Soup 001

Dnner Rolls 002

Braised Lamb with Tomato Sauce


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  1. Your recipe sounds wonderful. I love lamb and there is a great halal butcher in town that sells the nicest shanks. My latest thrust in the kitchen has been marinating and using up/trying various legumes and grains. So one night it was orange/lemon/chili marinated tuna with quinoa and salad. It turns out that the quinoa that you buy from Bobs Red Mill is prewashed and cooks just like rice. It tastes rather ricey too, but it is a source of complete protein because it has lysine?? anyway it is supposed to be complete.

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