Sketching on the Weekend

It has been a cold weekend, and that meant staying inside as it is not fun being out in 18-degree weather. I did some sketching yesterday while watching the news. I am not a good sketcher, but could not allow my ideas to disappear from my mind forever. I got an idea for a knit felting project while reading Inside Crochet called the snowflake tote. I liked the tote bag, but had another vision for the bag. Almost a week and half ago, I was walking to work in the rain and noticed a broken branch on the ground. I thought broken branch on wet concrete and it would make a nice painting, but the tote bag can make a great canvas for the broken branch on wet concrete.   I have to warn you that my sketches are not the best in the world, but it was fun and satisfying to do them.  Now I have another skills to learn embellishing my knitting and crocheting work.  Hand embroidery and felting (I do not own a machine, so hand felting it is).  This is the process of allowing creativity to flow on a cold day in January.  Ciao for now!

Sketches 005Sketches 003 Sketches 001


2 responses

  1. The sketch is just to bring back that crystalline moment of memory on the sidewalk. It will be interesting to see the finished work next to the sketch. Happy felting.

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