Creativity and Flow

Last week, I watched a three-part PBS series called This Emotional Life.  I recommend this series for everyone to watch and you can get more information at PBS.  The first part of the series was about relationships with family, friends, and lovers, the second part was about-facing our fears, and the last part was about re-thinking happiness.  The website has topic listed and one of them is creativity and flow.  Creativity and flow appears to have a connection with a person’s happiness, and I would agree with that premise.  When I am in my moments of happiness, I want to engage in those activities I find joy in doing such as cooking, knitting, sewing, writing, etc. than in much sadder moments.  I am have always been the kind of person who did not engage in activities because I was bored, but the activity gives me greater elation.

Anyone can be creative and a myth that creativity is a right-brain activity. Creativity uses both sides of the brain. However, there are times when there are things that interfere and interrupt our creative process. For me, it is life in general, lol. However, there are ways for us to get in and keep in touch with our creativity.

I am a daydreamer and typically engage in this activity while commuting to and from work, walking, or just drinking coffee at my table during the weekend. In other words, I daydream whenever possible, but tend not to write down anything my thoughts. Leonardo Da Vinci recorded all of his ideas down in notebooks the carried with him. Creativity can give way to new streams of thoughts to solve problems or new ideas. Allison Lee of Craftcast interviewed Diana Trout a week ago about her new book Journal Spilling and discusses the creative process with creating an art journal without the purpose of making money or showing to anyone. I think having an art or visualization journal can awaken the creative process bringing one into a different reality or learning about you.

For now, I think my creative process could use some rest and refresh. Ciao for now.


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  1. A creative journal would really be fun though, maybe it could help me actually get the fun stuff done. Your blog here and on Facebook really keep track the way that you are doing it now. I am impressed that you can get back and do it every day.

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