Sunday and Braised Red Cabbage

Yesterday, I made the easy tamale casserole and today it was the braised red cabbage from the January issue of Martha Stewart Living.  I had to make one adjustment to the recipe.  I do not own a dutch oven pot (they are so expensive and need to find one at a good price), so I cooked the braising liquid in a three-quart pot, cut the cabbage into the wedges, placed into a roasting pan, poured the liquid and covered with foil.

clip_image001 Even with the adjustment, the dish did turn out well and tasted good despite everything in my oven cooks quickly, so the 45-minute time does not mean very much in an oven with a mind of its own. The recipe called for taking the liquid into a pan and reduce it down to a cup that should take about 10 to 12 minutes making a sauce for the cabbage.

It is a good recipe to cook and thinking about making the stuff savory cabbage and kale and roasted-potato salad.  There is another salad that I am going to make during the week with a modification.  It is a swiss chard, mushroom, and quinoa salad, but am substituting the swiss chard for baby spinach.  Well the new name is baby spinach, mushroom, and quinoa salad. I am thinking that this braised red cabbage dish can go with corn beef or spicy lamb meatballs.  If you want to eat less meat, then making a lentil stew could go with the cabbage dish as well.  I am going to sign off and read an article in the Winter 2010 issue of Vogue Knitting.  Ciao for now.

Weekend Cooking 004  


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  1. Beautiful! I really like raw cabbage so I make a lot of different kinds of slaws.

    I really like your comments of Field Negro. I agree with you that people are judged by their looks all over the world in every society; it just isn’t in our country. Other places use different criteria, but they still judge.

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