Cooking on the Weekend

Weekend Cooking 002

With making some resolutions of becoming healthier this year, I decided to that, it would be best to do menu planning and create a grocery list. Actually, menu planning and creating shopping lists has a dual purpose. One purpose that is compiling a weekly menu plan and shopping list gives you control of the food that you are eating, and the second purpose is that it is a great way to control your food budget because a person can easily spend a lot of money at the grocery store without a list. I decided to use coupons, purchase sale and store brand items. Whole Foods has some great store brand products, and buying a gallon of low fat milk for $1.89 is a better bargain than buying Organic Farms for $3.89. You can do the math. Whole Foods has budget recipes on its website that can further stretch your food budget. You still get organic food without breaking the bank. There are certain foods that is not organic and relatively safe to eat because those foods little pesticides like bananas, sweet potatoes and corn. The EWG has a list of produce ranking from worst to best for pesticides.

Getting back to my weekend cooking, I made an easy tamale casserole from Whole Foods budget recipe list. I had to make a couple of adjustment with the recipe due to the availability of ingredients. The recipe called for rancheros beans, a product of Whole Foods, but the store was out of stock and use its refried beans produce as a substitute. Another substitute was the cornbread and muffin mix, again out of stock, so I just made cornbread from scratch. Actually, making the cornbread from scratch was cheaper since I had the ingredients home with the exception of buttermilk (will be making buttermilk pancakes on Sunday). As the name suggested, the recipe was easy to make and easy to freeze for later meals during the week, and very pleased with results. 

Weekend Cooking 004 

I mixed green chilies into the cornbread mixture and perhaps the next time will add some Monterey Jack cheese.  I am going to make sauté kale with garlic as a side dish.  That means it is time to stop blogging for the moment and continue with my weekend cooking.


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