What’s in Store this Weekend

I am glad that Friday will soon be upon us.  The first week of the new year is coming to a close and the weather report in my area (NJ/NY) states that we will are going to see some snow showers tomorrow during the morning compute.  That means I have to leave home a little earlier if I am to make to the office on time.

Today after work, I went to Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping.  I typically purchase things are that are on sale.  One of the sales of the week is wild caught fresh Maine Shrimp for $3.99 a pound, but arrived to the store too late as it sold out.  The fishmonger (or can you really call him that if he works for Whole Foods) told me that I should come early tomorrow as a new shipment is arriving.  I probably will change my mind about the shrimp considering I brought a bag of shrimp last week.

I had my shopping list and menu plan of the dishes to prepare this weekend and still managed to forget.  Well that is what happens when you forget not write the things down on a pad.  On my mean is the braised red cabbage, an easy tamale casserole, kale and roasted potato salad, and grilled chicken breast.  I am thinking about making a vegetable soup to have when coming home from work.  I also have laundry to do and perhaps get in some knitting while waiting for them to wash and dry.

Tomorrow is Friday and will have to make another trip to the grocery to pick bread, milk, and eggs, those essential items that people tend to purchase a great deal whenever that is a winter storm watch.  I will say goodnight and ciao for now.


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  1. Yeah, the list thing. I find that I should have bunches of lists, maybe even a list of the lists that I should keep. Today I realized that I really needed to write down the order of the places that I had to go. So often recently, I forget and either have to backtrack if I can’t live to the next day without or go the next day or just plain forget altogether until it is a panic.

    Grilled shrimp Tuesday, Chicken and Kale soup sorta Asian style Wednesday, Sausage w/spaghetti and sauteed kale tonight. The sauteed kale smelled awful since I had the oil a little too hot, so I was wildly surprised that it tasted just fine. I am keeping an exact record of every mouthful to help in losing weight because I really tend to snack and nibble until all hours of the night. I also said that I was not going to have any wine etc until I had at least lost 10 pounds. Poor husband is feeling lonely. Actually I feel a little better already from the holiday overload.

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