It’s Only Tuesday, but Still Push On

As I suggested in my title, it is only Tuesday and feel completely and utterly tired.  I am yawning while writing this blog entry and my hope is not to fall asleep with my head hitting the notebook.  It could have been the breakfast I had for dinner or sleepiness just fell upon me.  I am also listening to the latest Craft Sanity podcast where Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood is interviewing Rashida Coleman-Hale of the I Heart Linen blog.  She has a new book entitled I Heart Patchwork that I happened to see at Barnes and Noble this evening.  She made a lovely patchwork Christmas tree over the holidays than having a real Christmas tree.

I have another motive for writing a blog entry today is adding some photos using the features on Windows.  The first photo is of the January issue of Martha Stewart and there is a feature on Windows Liver Writer where you can choose to have it look like an instant photo, but choose the photo paper look.  I plan going grocery shopping this week to pick up ingredients to make the braised red cabbage it looks good.


Believe are not, I choose to view this photo as medium size but it looks huge to me.  I choose to post this photo because since feeling little sluggish, it would be a good idea to look at something colorful and vibrant.  This gives me something to look forward doing this weekend and possibly put in a better mood.  I still have to do my hair as the winter weather can make hair looks so dry despite the fact I just washed and use the flat iron and hair curlers.  To look at my hair, one would think I just went under a wind tunnel while running a 5K.  However, in the summer, humidity will be the culprit and still look like I went under a wind tunnel while running a 5K.  It is no win-win situation when it comes to hair.  Well I must press on (no pun intended) and iron my hair again while watching part two of This Emotional Life on PBS.  I hope all of you have a less tired day, Ciao.



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