Book Reviews and Some New Finds – Part One

It seems that I am keeping up with my resolution for blog entries, and testing new font sizes so bear with me.  I am keeping the font color because blue is my favorite color and yet I do not own many articles of clothing in that color.  Although, I have to say that next to that nice crisp cotton white shirt, the next color would that nice crisp french blue color shirt.  I am digressing.  Back to the subject I want write about.

I am incessant information hound and the Internet is my pearl in finding new and interesting finds.  It does not matter if I am doing a search on history or finding the perfect pair of shoes I am on it.  However, before getting to the finds, I am going get to a couple of book reviews I wrote about in my previous blogs.

I picked up two books (well more than two, but who is counting), Blogging for Bliss – Crafting Your Own Online Journal and Design-It-Yourself Clothes – Patternmaking Simplified by authors Tara Frey and Cal Patch respectively.  Although I started my blog a couple of years, not many read it.  Of course, I have a couple of people who comments and I love them for it.  I am appreciative of people who leave a comment because it lets me know I gave them something to ponder.  I think I could be more personal in blogs (not too personal, lol) thus the reason for purchasing Tara Frey’s BFB book.  I am still a beginner blogger despite the fact that my blog has existed for more than three years.  I have to tighten up on my technical skills with a background and photos, and take a headshot so people will know what I look like.  With that aside, I found Frey’s book helpful in my goals in being a better blogger.  I do very little editing with my blog entries as I tend to write with a flow and my thoughts come while writing.  One can say that I am spontaneous writer.  Frey guides the reader through the reason for blogging, tools of the trade, learning the ropes, and how to create beautiful blogs.  She features more than 50 bloggers that include Alicia Paulson: Posie Gets Cozy, The Angry Chicken, and Knit and Tonic as inspiration for the new blogger or a blogger who has been blogging for a while.  For more information to connect with Tara at Blogging for Bliss.

My next review is a patternmaking book.  Clothing designer, Cal Patch worked for Urban Outfitters and Free People before creating her own Hodge Podge label.  I believe that she currently teaches patternmaking and sewing in New York City and recently purchased a farm in upstate New York.  She currently blogs at Hodge Podge Farm and has an Esty shop where she sells her crochet projects.  First came across Cal Patch while listening to the Craft Sanity podcast with Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood about her new book, career, and life living upstate.  At the time of the interview, Cal had not purchased her farm but in the process of doing so.  I purchased the book at month later.  I thought would be a good idea to create my own patterns than always purchasing them and Cal made a great point during the interview, the patterns you make will be more tailor to your body type because it will be exactly to your measurements (as long as you do not lie about them, loll).  Cal guides you through the process of the tools you need to make patterns, making your own patterns from taking your measurements, customizing, fitting, and grading.  She even explains how to make a pattern from your existing clothing.  I found this book as a helpful guide that is much easier than reading as Cal says those dry textbooks.  She gives directions to make basic skirt, dress, jacket, and pants patterns.  However, her goal for the reader to use her book as a guide for you to create your own clothing, make it what you will.  She does not want you to find the exact fabric or for that matter change up the pattern if like.  She is providing you will the tools to create your own wardrobe.  Become looser and bohemian because you do not have to look like everyone else and that is one of the ideas of sewing your own clothing be unique.

I realized that I have written a lot in this blog entry and will continue with another entry about the new finds when I am done eating breakfast. I shall return.


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