What to Learn in the Coming Year

I got up this morning and started my day by listening to NPR’s Saturday Weekend Edition.  My confession is that I am a bit of the geek and like to know what is going on in the world.  NPR is a lot like oatmeal, it is good for you although there are times you do not fully appreciate it.  It also helps to have a cup of coffee along with listening and savor the moment.  In addition to listening to the happenings in the country and aboard, SWE asked a few people of their thoughts of what the next decade may bring.  It was more of their hope than a predication as no one can really know what the future may bring. 

One commentary was from publisher and style maven, Martha Stewart that she hope that the economy will correct, people safe in their homes and not threatened by foreclosures, and her concerned about the environment in where our meats and vegetables and think about organic and humane ways to cultivate our food.  Her wish is that people stay healthy, be healthy and comfortable.  I say Amen to that sentiment.

Another commentator was Barney’s Creative Director, Simon Doonan on his views about the future of fashion in the next decade.  He mentioned that fashion in the past ten years has been extreme and could use them to predicate what may happen next in fashion.  It has been a self-critical period for women as we have seen shoes ridiculously high and painful, thighs are not long enough, boobs not big enough, and not Botox enough and he hopes that in the next ten years women will stop being self-masochistic becoming more looser and bohemian (except wearing that Christmas or Thanksgiving sweater, lol).

These comments are something to think about learns from as we go into a new decade.  The comments from Simon Doonan really struck a chord with me particularly when have reality shows such as the Real Housewives Orange County, Atlanta, New York, New Jersey and what other town or city that can find women who are willing to make complete fools of themselves on nationally television and perpetuating an unrealistic idea about women who are housewives.  The women I know continue to work either within the home or outside.  Besides raising a family for many of stay at home mom is real job that is not always easy.  I always believe that stay-at-home moms should be paid and health benefits.  I do share Simon’s hope that women will finally become looser and bohemian as if we thought about it, Coco Chanel want to create fashion for women that did not constrict and restrain them and yet we seem to have devolved than evolve that idea of independence and being comfortable in our own skin.  I think the Real Housewives franchise shows gives one a bleak view about this women having considerably unhappy and unfulfilled lives.  There is a crack in their materialistic facades and no amount of Botox and plastic surgery is enough to repair or cover it.

I promise to write my review of the books mentioned in my blog from yesterday evening, but it was important for me to write my reflections of the day. Ciao for now.


One response

  1. Hi Happy New Year!
    Did you see the movie about Coco Chanel. It certainly makes me glad for my life. I appreciate what she tried to do for women, but sometimes I want the sentimental, silly or sexy other clothes.
    I have only seen clips of the Housewives franchise. I cannot believe what it looks like these women are. Maybe it is scripted to someone’s ideas/stereotypes of rich spoiled women.

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