First Day of a New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that you are enjoying the first day of a new year.  I am having a quiet day and only thing exciting today was a trip to CVS pharmacy to pick up bread and Ginger Ale.  I managed to watch the Thin Man series that aired last night, but DVR the remaining three movies to watch in the afternoon.  I fried fish and made Kale with garlic, crushed red peppers and diced bacon.

I was sitting on my bed for a while and began reading  Quamut – the go to how podcasting that I purchased over a week ago along with the book Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey.   I wanted to purchase the book for a few weeks upon discovering it at Barnes and Noble and thought it would useful in becoming a better blogger.  It was an opportunity to read about other blogs featured in the book (some I have on my Google Reader) for some inspiration and ideas.  I am digressing – back to the podcasting.  The reasoning for purchasing the guide to podcasting is to explore the possibility of me starting a podcast.  I learn creating a podcast is a simple technical process, but the creative process is another matter.  Questions to come mind of how many podcast I realistically produce in a month, do I want to conduct interviews, and topics that will keep the listeners interested and will they find me boring.  A podcast is the same as radio broadcast and developing topics and research is essential.  These are things for me to ponder over next little while.

I have still getting acquainted with Microsoft Office and Windows, and will make a visit to my local library to borrow a reference book to learn the features.  There is Office and Windows Live where I can actually integrate my blog and use the features to change the font and color.  It is easier to download photographs and videos, and a table if I so desire.  I am just curious as to the other features on Windows 7.  Of course, Microsoft as of yet repaired its stability problem with the program freezing, but it is better than in the past.  I still love Apple’s operating system because it rarely crashes and freezes.

It is time for me end my writing, but will return with a review of Blogging for Bliss and Design-It-Yourself: Patternmaking Clothes Simplified by Cal Patch.  Is it me or are the titles on books getting longer.  I think that the titles are longer that the actual context inside the book.  Happy, happy everyone and Ciao!


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  1. Yup, I think that the titles are getting longer. I will be really interested in your review of the pattern making book; I would like to try that. I am not nearly as creative as you and could not conceive of podcasting. Good luck! I know I would like to know how you sound.

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