A Trip to the Grocery Store

Today was last day at work until the New Year, and will not return to work until Monday morning.  I am going to get some rest this first weekend of the New Year and intend to read the new January 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living to purchase while waiting at the checkout register.  Whole Foods was very crowded today and I thought that would not be such the case, but with New Year’s tomorrow people are buying food for celebratory activities at home.  I stood in line for almost a half an hour, which led me to end up thumbing through Real Simple and Self Magazine until Martha Stewart that I ended buying when it was turn at the register.

I finally left Whole Foods with my ingredients for tomorrow’s New Year meal and made my way to the Path Train for the ride home.  I got to Penn Station, had three minutes to make to 7 pm bus, and got to the stop a minute before departure, but the bus left the station at 6:59 then at 7 pm.  I had to wait for another half an hour for the next bus, and thankfully the bus arrived and departed on time.  Waiting that half an hour does throw one off when all you want to do is to get home and relax.  Fortunately, the weather was a little better today than yesterday.  Yesterday the wind was making every attempt to blow away walking and the chill went through your bones that it just made you cold for the rest of day.

Tomorrow, I will have an opportunity to read Martha Stewart Living as the magazine has some very nice recipes that are quick and simple to prepare with a basic chicken soup recipe with three different variations of chicken soup.  There is also a recipe for a hearty winter-vegetable soup that is simple to make, and will add this recipe into my list of things to cook on the weekends.  There is a feature in issue about Lion Brand and its use color and technology, and how the company is bringing a new vision to classic crafts.  

I am going to stop writing at this point because I have a hard time with keeping my eyes opens, so it is time to end this posting with wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!


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