A Year in Review

Two thousand and nine has been quite a year.  It is the last year in the first decade of the 20th century, and the country witnessed history with the inaugural of the first African-American president.  We have experienced some milestone experiences this year and closing decade.  The deaths of Michael Jackson and Walter Cronkite and resurgence of being self-sufficient by doing things for ourselves again from sewing a button to growing a garden in the time of economic uncertainty.

It has been an interesting year for me with moving from place I lived for almost 30 years into a new apartment.  One never knows how many possessions he or she own until moving.  The hours one can spend purging and remembering things that have not thought about in years.  Asking yourself what was I thinking when you brought one those late-night TV infomercial products that was never used and remains in the box when it was delivered, or two of the same products because you could not find the first.  Perhaps hoarder is the word one could think of at this moment, and you may be correct in that assessment.  Moving is not just a physical cleaning, but an emotional cleansing with realization of letting go of things that no longer fit into your life.  We must move on in one form or another whether you are moving, grieving, or leaving a job.  We let go in order to be in the moment.

Now I am living in the moment with a new apartment, new laptop, and approaching a new year.  With the impending New Year comes the tradition of making resolutions.  As I sit here writing, there are things in my life I want to change.  I made a couple of changes of not being so much of a pack rat as I now live in a smaller space and reality that only so much can fit.  Therefore, my mantra for the coming year is to keep it simple and be resourceful.

There are my resolutions for the 2010:

  • Gain more skills in my knitting and crocheting
  • Learn how design a knitting and crocheting pattern
  • Start sewing again
  • Finish the projects I started in 2009
  • Get more rest and exercise
  • Lower my blood pressure

These are a few things that come to mind, but I also want to achieve a goal of finally planning a side business of knitting handmade goods for customers.  It is a goal that had in 2009, but life seemed to get into the way.  However, I believe I can work creating a business and marketing plan and set realistic goals for the side business since I could use additional cash.  Knitting and crocheting are portable crafts that I can do during my work commute. 

With my resolutions, mean having to set goals and organize so that changes can last and not just for a week.  My last resolutions is becoming a better blogger and learn how to change my blog with creative photos because I have to admit it does lack visual imagination and would love for people to come and be inspired.  I also, let me if you think my blog entries are little long because I can do a lot of writing in one entry.  Ciao!


2 responses

  1. Those are some serious goals. I like the longer blogs, but I can see that on your part it is quite a commitment in time and effort. I am a partial hoarder, terrible backlog to deal with. I have been watching Hoarders on A&E and occasionally check in on some hoarder videos for motivation. Turns out I waste; just WASTE a huge amount of time.

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