The Day After Christmas

I should begin by writing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope everyone had a happy and safe Christmas.  My brother’s birthday was on Christmas and today his daughter is celebrating her 18th birthday.  I had a good Christmas with the exception of my pilot light in my oven going out in the middle of cooking a rib roast and mac & cheese.  My father and I did not know how to relight it and so I went to my cousin’s house and finish cooking the mac and cheese.  All and all, dinner to finally turn out well for the most part.

Here is the exciting part of my day.  I received $300.00 in American Express gift checks from generous co-workers at work, and finally put them to good use by purchasing a new laptop, an HP G60-535Dx.  I love my laptop, but miss my Apple desktop that has not worked in over year because the on button no longer works and I am still deliberating on either replacing the button or recycling the computer.  My decision will be predicated upon the cost of repair.   In any event, I can once again write regular blog postings with great happiness.

It is amazing how much technology has become so integrated into my everyday life, in fact with many people’s lives.  Just ten short years ago, blogging and podcasting did not exist and the Internet had great possibilities.  Today we are blogging, podcasting, purchasing items online, learning how to knit, crochet and sew with thanks the technology of computers and the Internet.  We are also connecting with people living over the country and world.  There are times when technology can be a pain sometimes like people talking on the phone while eating at restaurant or on public transportation. 

I believe am digressing just a tad.  It will be fun checking out the new computer and learning Windows 7.  I just downloaded the home and student version of Microsoft Office 07, the only disappointment is that Outlook is not including meaning purchasing the application.  Well I suppose we cannot have everything in life, but does not hurt to try anyway. 

For the time being, I am going to do some reading of some new books I purchased over the past few weeks and write about them in a blog entry in the near future.  Until that time, Happy first day of Kwanzaa where the first principle Umoja (Unity) is celebrated.


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  1. My husband and I just chose a new laptop for me as a present. The one that I had before I never really used and almost immediately let my son use it. I need to drag the laptop around to where I am because my computer is way in the back side of the house where it is not heated at all; which is hard during even our mild winters. (I live in So. California about 12 miles inland so the climate is actually very clement, but I really don’t do well in the slightest chill.) I feel like you do about the internet. It is just such a comfort to know that you can find information and hard to get things. I am glad you had a Merry Christmas.

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