Thanksgiving and Knitting Projects





I have been living in my new apartment for a couple of months, and still in the process of settling. Believe or not I started a couple of new knitting projects, a scarf and a pair of socks. The pair of socks is a new skill for me. I wanted to learn how to knit to make socks for myself and five years later I found yarn that inspired me to knit socks.

It has been taking me a while with my projects as that thing call life sometimes get in the way. There times when I come from work and a wave of lethargy just overwhelms me. There some nights when I managed to get some knitting and crocheting done, and are nights when a nice warm bath does it for me. Although, today while at the yarn store, one of salespeople said she had about 20 projects in the works. But when I went to see Lily Chin at the Lion Brand studio for her book signing for her new kniiting and crochet technique and she wore a crocheted Land’s End inspired dress, she mentioned it took her three days to crochet it using the LB merino yarn. After hearing that, I really feel like a slacker, but realized that this is her full time job.

I am not cooking for Thanksgiving this year because my brother invited me to his house in Charlotte. The downside is that I have to the bus from New Jersey to North Carolina which is 16 hour ride because my cousin who is 70 is now afraid to travel by plane and I am bringing my nephew down with me as well. At least I can get some knitting and reading done on the ride down. I purchased some Spud and Chloe superwash merino wool/silk blend yarn to make the next pair of socks.

It has been a long day and time to call it night.


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  1. I am not either skilled or accomplished as a knitter. So I think that you are really working forward to tackle socks.

    A couple of blankets, hats and some scarves are all that I have done. I loved the yarn I made one of the blankets out of so that when it got torn, I pulled the pieces apart intending to reknit it. If the moths haven’t gotten to it, I still could. LOL.

    I look forward to seeing the pictures of the finished products of your fingers. Have a good Christmas.

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