Visual Journaling

I was listening to Allison Lee’s Craftcast a couple of weeks ago and she interviewed a woman named Lisa Sonora Beam who is the author of “The Creative Entrepreneur – A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real.”  She is a mixed media artist, writer and owner of Digital Hive EcoLogical Design which is a communications firm located in San Francisco working with green businesses.  Beam writes in the book about creating a visual journal as a vehicle of placing your original thinking and ideas to make them more realistic. 

I think the idea of creating a visual journal for yourself is a great idea and it does not have be for starting a business, but if want you travel and you have ideas, photos, etc to go into your journal for creating that vacation of a lifetime.  Beam suggests that your journal can include doodling, drawings, photos, writings, even a sales receipts anything that sparks an idea that you have and you want to get it down before that idea leaves your mind forever.

Visual journaling are for those creative individuals who are those visual, action-oriented learners.  Although, the creating a visual journal is great for left-brain thinkers who need to get more in touch with their creative process.  I am still reading through the book and find it very interesting and probably will create a visual journal for myself.  The journal for your eyes only and it is your creative and thought process, and you can use the journal go back to see what ideas will and will not work.

I am going on my two-week stayaction next week and will use the time get started and also the chore of cleaning my house.  I think will take this time to say enjoy your day.


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