A TV Review and a Question or Two

Yesterday, I had a quiet and relaxing day.  I did some crocheting and watched the marathon of the Closet Cases on the Fine Living Channel with Lloyd Boston as the host.  The premise of the show is that someone like a relative or friend calls up me to re-style a person particularly around a certain event such as high school reunion and gives them advice on style.  Of course it comes with the cleaning of the closet of what to throw out, restyle and keep.  Lloyd and the person go out to shop for some items while a closet designer designs a new closet.  I like the show because it gives good simple advice about how to style yourself according to your personality.  There was an episode where Lloyd restyled his mother (who looked great by the way) because she was starting her own business.

I think I am going to get his book “Before You Put That On” and use it as a guide.  I also like the idea that he gave each person their own look book of the clothes they have in their closet as how to mix and match it piece.  I am going to ask this question, do you think it is a good idea to create a look book when creating and sewing our original clothing.  I know I put more thought of things I am knitting or sewing for myself to wear with an existing piece of clothing, or use what I am creating as a springboard to create other pieces to go with that.  Does it make sense to have few pieces of quality clothing that you can match with others?  It is just a thought.  Well I have a busy evening with an event at work.  Enjoy your day!


One response

  1. A look book would be a great help, I just forget what I have. For some reason I jumped up and cleaned the hanging clothes in the hall closet because I couldn’t get anything in and I wanted to hang up two of my husband’s jackets. The were jackets that I have not worn and might have if I had known. I get in such a rut, matching everything with black or navy blue bottoms.

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