Breakfast and Crocheting

It’s nine this morning, and I am sitting here listening to Weekend Edition on my member station WNYC Radio and writing this blog entry. I am also wondering what to have for breakfast which is ironic because I went grocery shopping yesterday evening and still have to wonder what to cook. I can go the lazy route by having some Greek yogurt with blackberries and strawberries with a cup of oatmeal, or make a spinach and tomato omelet wrap with a sprinkle of cheese. I’m making a conscience effort to have veggies at every meal, and no fat free products like cheese (yuck).

I am doing some crocheting today. I had a couple of things going on during the week. One was my niece’s prom which was a fun evening for her and really an all day event of getting the hair and nails done, make up, and the actual putting the dress with the taking of 5,000 photos, lol. Back to the crochet project, I am almost done with the bottom piece of the cardigan sweater and hope to start on the top piece by tomorrow.

May I get in a walk together as it is such a nice day and getting a little exercise is always a good thing. I think I am going to take a yoga class to improve my flexiability. Well time for breakfast. Enjoy your day.


2 responses

  1. Yoga is a wonderful way to improve felxibility and it is soooo relaxing. There was a time when I had problems with insomnia and doing a mini routine was all it took! Yoga actually helped me sleep!

    The yogurt and fruit sounds deliscious but so does the omelet! Tough choice!

  2. Hi, It is so encouraging to see the lovelies get a chance to dress up and parade. My great neice was also at prom and graduating in Colorado.

    I managed a mushroom and onion omelet for us with bacon this morning.

    I also finished a banana nut bread it was either bake some or toss the bananas that I had put into the freezer. Had to make room for the soup from Saturday. It took me 3 days to get a blueberry pie with cinnamon crust actually into the pan. (You were supposed to chill the dough which is not something I normally do.) I also found the “C” book from the Woman’s Encyclopedia of Cooking which had the cookie recipe that I wanted which is made with oil, not shortening. The recipe book has been missing for so long…

    Happy crocheting. (You are the only one I could think of who might even care a little. Sorry for the long comment.)

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